No more battery woes with these 5 tricks: Make your phone battery run longer with these simple tips

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There’s a joke going popular on Facebook these days. It says: What is depression? I’ll lock you up in a room with a dying phone battery and no electric points, what you will feel the next moment is depression. Exactly that feeling is no less than a depression these days.


There was a time when a phone was seen as a luxury, but today the list of necessities starts with a mobile phone. It has become that important to us. And like most of the other needs, our demands for specifications and updates are also changing with time.

Gladly, phone companies know this and therefore, are making smartphones accordingly. However, with increasing specs on the phone, the battery becomes the first area of concern for any user. A phone with great specs but a weak battery is nothing more than a toy to its user. Gone are the days when Nokia mobiles were in demand which once charged could run for two days.

Today, we have to charge a single phone for twice or thrice a day.

Your phone battery drains fast, and there could be several reasons at fault. While we don’t say that we can help your phone run like those old Nokia phones, but we hope these tips will help your phone battery longer than it does now:

1. Switch off Applications like GPS or Bluetooth, When Not In Use:

GPS especially is the biggest battery eater. So when not in use keep it in the off mode, and you can always switch it on when required. It will save a major portion of your battery juice.

2. Do Not Overcharge:

Plug in for charge only when your phone’s battery is completely drained and is asking for it. Also when charging make sure you fully charge the phone unless of course, you are not a Galaxy Note 7 user!

3. Use Battery Saver Mode At Night:

When you are sleeping. Battery saver mode automatically switches the battery hogging apps and functionalities.

4. Go for Facebook Lite (if you can live with marginalised features):

A research study shows that Facebook zaps up most of the battery juice. Since we understand that living a day without Facebook is nearly impossible but you can always go for its fewer data consuming version-Facebook Lite. It uses lesser data and also works in all network conditions.

5. Lower Down Screen Brightness:

Display's brightness causes the maximum battery consumption on any smartphone and is harmful to our eyes. We recommend using phones at low light when working indoors.

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Additional Tip: Stay away from Bloatware: The apps that promise to "increase" your battery lives do not do as they preach. A majority of such apps snoop on user data and add to junk files.

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