Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ Event to Take Place Today, What to Expect?

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Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ event is scheduled to take place today. As per the Indian Standard Time (IST), the event will start from 11:30 PM. While Apple hasn’t revealed any hints on what the event is about, there are a few assumptions which can be made that may prove right. Back in June, in the WWDC 2020 event, Apple announced the silicon chip-based Macs. Along with the new Macs, Apple also announced the new macOS Big Sur. Since Apple didn’t mention about either of these in the last two events it conducted in September and October, it is highly likely that today’s event is about the new Macs and macOS Big Sur. More on the story ahead.

Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ Event Might Cover More than Macs

Apart from the silicon-based Macs and the macOS Big Sur, there are multiple other products Apple can launch in today’s event. The Cupertino tech giant has been rumoured to be developing over-the-ear headphones. These new headphones might come with swappable headbands and ear pads, built-in touch controls, Siri controls, and noise cancellation. But as per a Bloomberg report, the headphones couldn’t go into production because the headbands were too tight. Thus the headphones might not come with swappable headbands after all.

Another exciting product that has been rumoured from Apple for quite a while is the tile-like trackers. These tile-like trackers are expected to be named AirTags. The AirTags are small circular discs which users could keep in their bags and track them using Apple’s Find My app.

macOS Big Sur Release Date and New Silicon Chipset Macs

The macOS Big Sur announced back in WWDC 2020 event might also get a release date in today’s event. The features and first looks of the new macOS were already released in the WWDC 2020 event, the only thing left was the official stable rollout date for the Mac users.

As for the new Macs with silicon chipsets, even if Apple does announce them today, they might not arrive until Q2, 2021, as per a report from Nikkei Asia.

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