Apple’s next iPhone might feature a 1704 x 960 pixels resolution screen

It is now almost a known fact that the next iPhone will come with a 4.7 inch screen but its resolution wasn’t known. But 9To5Mac claims that the next iPhone might feature a display with a resolution of 1704 x 960 pixels which will result in to a screen sharpness of around 416 ppi. This will bring the iPhone to other flagship smartphones from Android and Windows Phone. Here is a table which depicts how the display of the next Apple iPhone 6 might compete with current generation of competing smartphones in terms of screen size, screen resolution and screen sharpness.

Phone Screen Resolution (pixels) Screen Size (inches)
Pixel Density (ppi)
LG G3 (Upcoming) 2560 x 1440 5.5 534
Oppo Find 7 2560 x 1440 5.5 534
HTC One M8 1920 x 1080 5.0 441
Samsung Galaxy S5 1920 x 1080 5.1 432
Sony Xperia Z2 1920 x 1080 5.2 424
Apple iPhone 6
1704 x 960
Apple iPhone 5S 1136 x 640 4.0 326

Looking at the screen resolution, it appears that it will stay a 16:9 widescreen display so you won’t notice any black bars which were visible when the iPhone 5 was released. But the app developers will have to update the graphics in their applications so that they don’t look blurred. Do you think that increasing the screen size will help Apple in gaining more users?

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May 18, 2014 11:01 am 11:01 AM

Ok. But iphone 6 is still at bottom in the table above. Why they not make it like LG G3 ?

May 18, 2014 2:02 pm 2:02 PM
*That’s because Apple is acting sensibly and maintaining the pixel density at a level that’s required rather than mindlessly increasing the pixel density in order to compete with android manufacturers which it does not intend to.I agree that Apple increasing the size of its display is a clear indication that Apple is trying to win back some of its users who jumped to android because of bigger screens but as far as possible Apple tried to maintain its originality. *Beyond a pixel density of 400 it simply becomes difficult for the normal human to spot differences between a display having… Read more »