Android VP Hints Towards Revamped and Faster Sharing Menu on Upcoming Versions

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There has been one feature in Android which comes embedded with every application and is used by almost every user – the sharing menu. The sharing menu allows users to share relevant, content or media via a variety of apps on the Android platform. However, with the availability of many options on the sharing menu the, interface has seen some lags. To address this issue, Android VP, Dave Burke has come out and said that the company would be working towards revamping and improving the sharing menu on Android to offer a better experience to the users. Also, he highlighted that this issue would be taken on priority and fixed soon.


Android to Change Underlying Data Model for Sharing Menu

It’s noteworthy that even in the latest Android 9 Pie, the search giant hasn’t brought that much of an improvement in the search menu thus causing it to lag still. Burke said to Android Police that although this is at priority, revamping the sharing menu is going to be a big job. He remarked, “We're working on a redesign with a different underlying data model (push vs pull) that will be much faster and nicer to use."

Describing the technicalities of the sharing menu, Burke explained that currently, the data model which the sharing menu uses pulls the data from the application and then makes it available for sharing. The VP said that this would be changed, meaning that now the data will be pushed to the sharing menu, thus making it faster to share it on devices. However, the executive did not mention when the users will be able to see the new sharing menu on their devices. Still, we expect to see the revamped design and UI on the sharing menu on the next Android Pie point release or in the Beta version of the upcoming Android Q which is expected to surface somewhere in the first quarter of 2019.

More Developments from Android in the Past Week

It’s been a happening week of Android lately, as the operating system giant has made numerous announcements related to its platform in the last week. At the Android Developers Summit last week, the team announced the early availability of Android Q for developers and accelerated application testing owing to the release of Generic System Image (GSI) publicly. Further, the search giant has also hinted towards the “multi-resume” feature which will see its debut on foldable screens and will also bring some select features on the existing smartphones as well.

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