Amazon Working On Its Own Messaging App Named ‘Anytime’: Report

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There is no shortage of messaging apps in the market and Amazon is reportedly going to dip its feet into this instant and private messaging services industry very soon. Called ‘Anytime’, this new Amazon venture is claimed to be an all-inclusive medium for communicating in groups or personally with someone.

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Going by the reports, Amazon has been working on its new messaging app for a while now and has been surveying select customers about its messaging service. This leak comes along with some shared images and a list of features that the Anytime could offer.

In the light of this latest leak, the images suggest that in addition to the personal and group chats Anytime is also going to offer voice and video calling services. As is the trend today, the video calling feature is most likely to come with special effects and masks. Apparently, the app also comes with an included encrypted messaging option for when you share important or private details. Furthermore, Anytime offers added features such as GIFs, stickers, photo filters, challenging friends to games and chatting with businesses.

The Amazon’s survey highlights that one can sign up for Anytime using just their name rather than a phone number, similar to what we see on Twitter. This service is expected to be available on Desktop as well as on Android and iOS platforms. Having said that, it is worth pointing out that the e-commerce company has not yet released an official word on this rumour and it is also a possibility that this service might not even see the light of day in future.

However, the fact that Amazon has put all this time and effort into creating the graphics and pushing out customer surveys shows that it is indeed interested in getting into the messaging game. It is going to be an uphill road for Amazon if and when it releases Anytime services, as the market is already packed with big name competitors like Apple, Google, Whatsapp, WeChat, and much more.

In a bid to stand out from its competitors, Amazon intends to offer extra features like sharing of location, making reservations, ordering food, and even shopping. Even so, a significant number of people might be sceptical to go for a new messaging app in the already cluttered instant-messaging market.

What are your thoughts on the rumoured Amazon ‘Anytime’ messaging service? Let us know in the comments below.


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