Amazon Alexa Gets Hindi Language Support for Fire TV Devices in India

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Amazon Alexa is recognised as one of the best virtual assistants in the world. Now, for the Fire TV device users in India, Alexa will be able to understand commands in Hindi. Amazon has recently announced that the Amazon Alexa for all the Fire TV devices in India will get the support for the Hindi language with the new update. Until now, the Fire TV devices in India could only understand commands in English. But now with the added support of Hindi, users can give commands in either of the languages as per their preference. More details on the story ahead.

Amazon Alexa of Fire TV Devices in India Get Hindi Language Support

Amazon Alexa in all the Fire TV devices in India will now support the Hindi language after the new update. In addition to the language support, Amazon also added the Alexa Routines to the Fire TV devices. It allows users to communicate through several Alexa devices kept across the home and execute multiple commands.

As per Amazon, Alexa in Fire TV devices can now be used to search songs, personalities, set timers and alarms, ask for news and weather all in Hindi. But one thing that users should note is that only commands are understood by Alexa in Hindi. But it won't respond in Hindi.

This is strange since the Hindi language support in Amazon Echo devices not only take commands in Hindi but also communicate in Hindi with the users. However, future updates to the Fire TV devices should seek to provide users with this facility as well.

After the update, the users can switch their Alexa to understand commands in Hindi. For doing so go to Settings > Preferences > Language. At the same time, new users will get an additional option for setting their device in Hindi now.

Amazon also introduced the Hindi language support for Alexa in Android and iOS devices back in September 2020. With Echo devices also supporting the Hindi language, the whole ecosystem of Alexa in India now understands Hindi.

Also, with the help of Alexa Routines, users can now give smarter commands to the voice assistant. Such as when you get up from your seat while watching a movie, you can tell Alexa, ‘I am getting up’, and she will pause the movie for you.

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