Akamai Releases ‘State of the Internet’ Report, India ranked lowest at 14th in Asia Pacific Region with 2.3 Mbps avg speed

Akamai Technologies, which operates the world’s largest content delivery network(CDN) has released ‘State of the Internet’ Report for Q1 2015. The report provides global Internet statistics based on connection speed, broadband adoption, network and mobile connectivity.

State of the Internet India report

The global average connection speed was at 5 Mbps and increased a sizable 30 percent year over year. Countries with average broadband speed exceeding 15 Mbps included Ireland (17.4 Mbps), Sweden (15.8 Mbps), Netherlands (15.3 Mbps), South Korea (23.6 Mbps), Hong Kong (16.7 Mbps) and Japan (15.2 Mbps). Singapore (98.5 Mbps) followed by Kuwait (76.5 Mbps) had the highest peak average speeds.

The report considers 25 Mbps broadband connectivity as the new benchmark broadband speed, reflecting the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) new benchmark for broadband connection. Globally, only 4.6% of connections had average connection speeds of at least 25 Mbps. Year on year, the global 15 Mbps adoption rate grew 29 percent while the global 25 Mbps adoption rate grew 20 percent.

Mobile Connectivity getting faster

The United Kingdom leads average mobile connectivity speed at 20.4 Mbps. Due to wide spread deployment of 4G LTE networks, few countries witnessed massive surge in peak average mobile connection speeds above 100 Mbps. Australia (149.3 Mbps), Japan (126 Mbps), Singapore (116.4 Mbps) and Thailand (105.4 Mbps).

India in State of the Internet Report

The average connection speed increased to 2.3 Mbps from compared to 2.0 Mbps in last quarter. While average peak speed increased to 17.4 Mbps compared from 14.5 Mbps. At the same time, average connection speeds for Asia Pacific region increased to 5 Mbps from 4.5 Mbps. India was ranked lowest at 14th in Asia Pacific Region with only Indonesia(2.0 Mbps) lagging behind.

As per the report, the average internet speeds in the country has witnessed 15% quarterly growth. The surge in peak average speed can be attributed for increased availability of fiber connections and 4G LTE mobile networks in the country.

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June 29, 2015 2:45 am 2:45 AM

248 rs unlimited 2g on reliance speed around 80 to 100 kbps. up east here. well will be going for cdma of reliance or bsnl soon.

June 28, 2015 10:05 pm 10:05 PM
MTNL @ 2mbps which has a FUP of 8gb and costs 950 Rs per month including taxes. Absolute joke. After the FUP the speed lowers to 1mbps. (i.e downloads at 200kbps and 100 kbps) MTNL also provides data plans which are even more ridiculous. A 2mbps plan with an FUP of 2gb for 300Rs / month. After the FUP your usage is charged at 30p per MB. Thier FUP count inlcudes both downloads and uploads as usage. And they wonder why they are going out of business. Sad part is in the area where i live the cable guys like… Read more »
June 28, 2015 9:12 pm 9:12 PM

I get 7.5 Mbps downloading speed and12.5Mbps uploading speed on Vodafone network.