Airtel, Vodafone to start VoLTE battle against Reliance Jio

Bharti Airtel and Vodafone may soon start offering Voice over LTE or VoLTE services in the country to take on their bigger rival Reliance Jio, which will launch its services commercially and is banking big on VoLTE technology to offer voice services.


Both the leading telecom operators have given contracts to Nokia for IP multimedia solution (IMS) for the implementation of VoLTE technology on their networks, the Economic Times reported.

The report said that Idea Cellular, which is the third largest telco by subscribers, is also in “active talks” with Nokia for a similar deal. Interestingly, Nokia has emerged as the only telecom gear provider to have provided IMS solution to 4G telecom operators in the country. Last year, it bagged an IMS contract worth $100 million from Reliance Jio.

The report said that the fast developing handset ecosystem in India is the main reason behind these new contracts. These telcos were earlier cautious about the deployment of the VoLTE technology in India. VoLTE technology enables a telco to provide both voice and data without switching between bands, with voice being just another application that rides on an LTE data network. VoLTE uses IP technology, similar to VoIP, but remains a core part of the network, enabling telcos to manage it easily.

Reliance Jio, which is the pan-India 4G player, is likely to start operations with around 25 smartphone models supporting its VoLTE services.

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January 16, 2016 8:27 pm 8:27 PM

LOL, poor us Indians, all suited booted but nowhere to go! Talk about VoLTE and what not all day, but don’t even have a decent data plan to actually enjoy the technologies 😛 Quite a sad situation no doubt.

January 17, 2016 11:34 am 11:34 AM

VoLTE means making normal voice calls in 4G network. I think only samsung guru music 2 will suit you. Lol.

January 16, 2016 7:44 pm 7:44 PM

This is Rjio

RJio have highest 4G spectrum,
RJio have largest 4G coverage,
RJio have LYF phone,
RJio have VoLTE,
RJio have futureproof OFC,

But they didn’t launched their 4G service yet,,

Don’t be like Rjio..
Be like airtel and Vodafone..

Kiran Fernandes
January 16, 2016 9:21 pm 9:21 PM

They want blanket coverage before launching. They also want the new snapdragon 415,430,616,617,650. 652 and 820 chips to launch as most of the new phones will be implemented with this chip. and snapdragon 820 supports 600Mbps 4g speeds. There are a lot of blank spots that need to be addressed before launching nationwide 4g. So, yeah you gotta wait.

January 16, 2016 9:59 pm 9:59 PM

@Kiran: Vry sry bro my heart doesn’t let me to buy FraudTel 4G sim and test it’s 4G and post it here.Too much hate on FraudTel which won’t ever heal in me,hope you understand.

Kiran Fernandes
January 17, 2016 8:32 am 8:32 AM

alright Madhan, I totally forgot about that. Don’t do it if you dont want to. Airtel uses unethical means to get money from the customers. And they know that they are losing out, so they are trying to play the good Samaritan by launching Project Leap.

January 17, 2016 1:12 pm 1:12 PM

@Kiran: Thanks for understanding!

SaYed Ejaz
January 16, 2016 1:56 pm 1:56 PM

Greeting for the day!

Nokia Networks – the real king in 4G space.

Nokia networks recetly demonstrated LTE Advanced Pro.
Which means in lte advanced currently only maximum of 5×20mhz carriers can be used by aggregating but LTE Advanced Pro will give mind blowing aggregation of 32 carriers.
The aggregation of up to 32 carriers made possible by LTE-Advanced Pro, in combination with the use of unlicensed spectrum, will allow data rates to scale beyond 3 Gbps.
Latency will shrink below 2 ms.
This is why 4G called as Long Term Evolution. Its really a long term evalution

Respect Nokia Networks.

Kiran Fernandes
January 16, 2016 6:52 pm 6:52 PM

That’s Amazing. But problem is getting that many carriers/Spectrum for carrier aggregation. Carriers aren’t willing to buy that much spectrum. AVoId just want to fill their pockets.

Don’t forget Artemis Networks PCell. Nokia Networks was supposed to test them out… dunno what happened. The Pcell is whats great for India. It should be used in Densely populated cities because it uses interference to double the bandwidth.