Airtel TV vs JioTV: Which is the Best Live TV Service App Right Now?

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Reliance Jio brought a massive disruption in the telecom industry when it landed on the playing field in 2016. Since then, a lot has changed in the industry and the latest trend points towards the direction of content based offerings becoming a critical deciding factor in the choice between telecom operators. It is also apparent that telcos are launching content-based services in colossal amount, whether it is music streaming, video on demand or books. There is even no denying the fact that video is the content format of the future and we can also see telcos putting a lot of emphasis on their streaming apps. Amongst the top in this category, we find JioTV and Airtel TV. Although both of these apps occupy the top positions in their class, you would likely be met with the choice of choosing between them both. Here are some pointers to help you out in case you want to decide between these two apps.

Reliance JioTV vs Airtel TV: Number of Channels

Before moving on to a detailed discussion of differences between the two apps, it is worth noting that both Airtel TV and JioTV land in the category of Live TV services. These services are web-based platforms which offer video-based content in English, Hindi and more regional languages. These Live TV apps can be accessed anywhere from mobile applications or websites, and users can open them to access content across many genres like news, sports, movies etc.

Also, when it comes to Live TV services like Airtel TV and JioTV, the most significant advantage that the subscribers enjoy is that the apps are available at absolutely no cost. When a subscriber buys a connection with the respective telco, the subscription to these apps is already bundled with the phone connection. With that being said, a lot of users base their choice on the channel count which the service offers and the range of content it covers. When it comes to that, JioTV takes the top spot as it provides 640 channels across languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam and more, whereas, Airtel TV offers 373 channels for its subscribers.

HD Content, Additional Benefits and More

When it comes to HD content also, Reliance JioTV wins again as it packs 138 HD channels as compared to Airtel TV's 62 HD channels. However, both the platforms come with options to access live news and sports. Airtel TV takes the lead when it comes to additional benefits, as JioTV offers only offers a handful of exclusive channels like Jio Events, Jio Sports, but Airtel TV, on the other hand, provides more than 10,000 movies and 100 movies to the viewers. Do make a note that Jio also has another application named JioCinema under which it's providing latest movies and trailers of upcoming movies.


When it comes to choosing between the two, it could be a hard choice for the consumers. However, we genuinely think that although Airtel TV offers fewer channel choices, the overall options Airtel TV provides in terms of content makes it a superior app as compared to JioTV. The add-on demand content also provides some of the most popular shows on demand which is unfortunately not the case with JioTV. But users can also view this content on Jio Cinema app, but Airtel is reducing the hassle of downloading a separate app for the users.

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