Airtel to launch low cost 4G smartphones for Rs 4,000 by November

The upcoming 4G rollout in the country by Reliance Jio would entail a fierce battle between Airtel and Jio. While Airtel has been steadily spreading its network in the country, Jio will be looking to disrupt things with its low cost handsets and low cost plans. Airtel doesn’t want to be at the receiving end of all this and is getting ready to take on the assault from Reliance Jio.

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As per the latest reports over the internet, the telecom operator is working on launching its own low cost 4G handsets which it plans on launching by October-November this year. These smartphones will be priced in the Rs 4,000-12,000 price bracket. Airtel is currently in the final stages of finalizing the vendors it would be going forth with and is talking to Chinese vendors as well as Foxconn, the popular Taiwanese manufacturer for it.

The handsets will come with support for both FDD as well as TDD LTE network. They will further come bundled with a long term plan but won’t be locked to the Airtel network which happens to be the case at times in terms of operator branded devices. This development has come forth after Mukesh Ambani announced his plans of launching cheap 4G mobile phones to facilitate 4G adoption.

Airtel is contemplating if the devices to be launched should be Airtel branded ones or co-branded ones with OEMs. The plans will see the light of the day in near future and we can expect more details to emerge then.

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12 Comments on "Airtel to launch low cost 4G smartphones for Rs 4,000 by November"


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July 21, 2015 6:35 pm 6:35 PM

what to do with ?4000 smartphone when their 4g data prices are so high. if someone can afford airtel 4g data plans then why he/she’ll buy a ?4000 phone.

July 21, 2015 4:41 pm 4:41 PM

Why don’t these idiots understand its all about pricing.
They want to sell smartphone so people will use their data.
No doubt cheap handsets with 4G will be a huge hit,people will buy them and then use it for calling and basic usage.
1Gb 2G is around 200Rs
1Gb 3G almost 300 Rs.
Now 4G will be almost 400?
Idiots just reduce your rate and make them reasonable, people will automatically buy Handset’s.

Prasath J
July 20, 2015 9:55 pm 9:55 PM

Knowing AirHELL, they will definitely sell Rs2000 worth phones for Rs4k.. Say with just 256MB RAM, 512MB Storage, 2.4″ QVGA screen, running on Android 2.3 GingerBread, VGA Camera and 900mAh battery…