Airtel to be largest Broadband provider, Vodafone registers 200% growth over the year

Data market is booming in India after smartphones went mainstream back in 2014. For operators, data has become the key revenue at a time when SMS and voice revenues are falling. Today we analyse broadband subscriber addition in India over the past one year to find growth rate for each operator.

Wireless broadband leads


As per TRAI, broadband is any type of internet which gives more than 512Kbps speeds. This makes 3G,4G and EVDO fall under wireless broadband. The latest report published has 82.22 million broadband users in India. But only 15.23 million are using wired broadband and the rest 66.99 million are wireless broadband users.

Growth rate of operator over past one year

Airtel has been closing gaps with BSNL with a impressive 69% year on growth and taking into account that above data is 2 months ago, Airtel may have already de-throne BSNL to become India’s largest broadband provider. Vodafone leads with a whopping 200% growth and has increased its broadband base by 3 times from just 5 million a year ago to 15 million. In the coming months, we expect Vodafone to overtake both Airtel and BSNL.

Idea also has an impressive growth rate of 109% and could improve it position to be 3rd largest broadband provider by next year. BSNL growth rate is sadly low at just 13% even when it rules the wired broadband segment, it struggles to add new subscribers. Reliance registered negative growth partially due to stopped reporting subscribers with less than 1MB usage.

3G the key driver for wireless broadband growth

This impressive growth in broadband users is attributed to high growth in 3G data market. Airtel, Vodafone and Idea gained the maximum from their 3G service and 3G ICRA agreement. In the next upcoming spectrum auction, we expect Airtel, Vodafone and Idea would buy out most 3G spectrum to extend their service further.

It also worth to note that even with near pan-India 3G service, BSNL could not add significant users. Reliance with its pan India EVDO and 3G in 13 circles also failed to find new users.

Please let us know by comments your view on impressive wireless broadband growth of AVoId?

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February 27, 2015 9:21 pm 9:21 PM
Took at least 9-10 months of work on our part but finally we managed to persuade Reliance to lay new lines in our locality and I am highly impressed by its services, especially the FUP less Thunder plans! It is such a relief not to be worried about the data limit and the speed remains constant 4 Mbps, pings are very low around 25 ms and have not experienced downtime as yet. Only problem is the Reliance staff which is way too disorganized and uncoordinated and the linemen are competing with BSNL when it comes to inefficiency. But as long… Read more »
January 30, 2015 12:53 pm 12:53 PM

Correct Nikhil. I am using CDMA mobile Samsung I589. I always keep it near window and create hotspot by which I can connect up to 5 device with good speed. Even I carry this handset while traveling . My whole family is connected to it. So it is cheaper and flexible too. Even now CDMA WiFi data cards are now available but plans are not cheaper.

January 30, 2015 6:26 pm 6:26 PM

Unlocked CDMA data card is not available and 3 mobile oeprators (reliance, MTS and docomo) are not ready to provide CDMA sim cards for mobile and daa card subscription. They will not improve unless they launch the above method like GSM operators.

January 30, 2015 12:51 am 12:51 AM

reliance and BSNL even having the pan india presence are unable to attract customers mainly because they are very poor in terms of service quality and customer support airtel and vodafone despite being costly are liked by the customer because they offer good quality of service and customer support vodafone being the best among all in every aspect those who use it they knew it .

January 30, 2015 7:06 am 7:06 AM

BSNL broadband is best in Tamilnadu. It has more than 355 non continuous days of uptime in a year. If you do not know about the link speed in the BSNL broadband, then do not blame it.

I called reliance broadband for new connection on 23rd Jan 2015, till now they didn’t care to call me.

January 30, 2015 7:42 pm 7:42 PM

Are you 12? When making such claims, please do not generalize. Try to say that it is working fine for you. Just because it is working fine for you does not necessarily imply that it is working fine for everyone else in TN.