Airtel Reduces Non-Airtel Local & STD Rates

Airtel Reduces Non-Airtel Local & STD RatesBharti Airtel Ltd, India’s leading GSM service provider has slashed the rate of calls  made to non-Airtel phones for its Prepaid customers in Andhra Pradesh circle.

Now Prepaid customers can avail the cheapest non-Airtel Local and STD calls at just 60p/min, for a recharge of Rs 62, valid for 180 days.  What’s more the scheme provides a talktime of Rs 20! The scheme has been launched less than a week after Reliance introduced the SIMPLY RELIANCE scheme on 07 October.

While the offer is independent of the existing “Airtel Advantage” plan, and both the earlier and new schemes co-exist, a comparison with the original AIRTEL ADVANTAGE plan shows benefits to customers in both the non-Airtel Local & STD call tariffs, as well as the Recharge value.

Airtel Advantage RC 62
Recharge Value Rs 51 Rs 62
Taltime nil Rs 20
Validity 30 days 180 days
Airtel 2 Airtel Local 50 p/min 50 p/min
Airtel 2 Airtel STD 50 p/min 50 p/min
Airtel 2 non-Airtel Local 75 p/min 60 p/min
Airtel 2 non-Airtel STD 75 p/min 60 p/min

SMS and Roaming tariffs are as per regular tariffs.

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November 1, 2009 1:11 am 1:11 AM

Guys ….. with number portability and dual sim…. it is win win and only win for customer…. Customer will user Airtel to receive calls….. and make outgoing from a network that is cheaper….. thanks to dual sim phones… now buy two dual sim mobiles ….. because they are even priced at Rs.2500/- or lesser !!!

October 30, 2009 12:19 pm 12:19 PM
@amit but it is true that airtel and vodafone call rates and power card prices are always higher than the others. May be it is to reduce the traffic on there network and earn the same money as the others or more. Take an example: with power card of 59/54 per mnt, vodafone and airtel in kolkata offering offnet local calls:75p, onnet local: 35p!!!!!!. see MTS, without any power all local:30p. Reliance: without power all local/std/even roaming:50p, TATA: local: 1rs/10min etc. so its sure that there network traffic will be much bigger than airtel and vodafone as people now a… Read more »
October 30, 2009 12:05 pm 12:05 PM

Devraj :
Competition is hotted up. When reliance slashed the rates Airtel said we are not going slash rates but within one week it slashed the rates. In coming days we will see lower prises than this by Airtel in entire country

Actually airtel and vodafone charging much higher as they got the a big customer base.. actually they are rooobbbbing our money. and if you say about network and service then go and take RCDMA connection and feel the difference. now a days RGSM here in kolkata offering much better service than the others…

October 23, 2009 4:15 pm 4:15 PM
@Abhishek Rana Mr. Rana aap ko pata nahi ki aap india me rehte ho aur yaha har kism ka aadmi hai rich richer richest & poor poorer poorest…so the scheme should be kind of everybody should avail this, what do you mean if airtel reaches to 20 cr subscriber base then again it will increase the call rates to make the network congestion free?? this is not a solution to make ur network better, there are many other ways to solve it…every body(student) is not employed even he wants to use mobile so how they can get cheapest call rates… Read more »
Suchisuvra Sen
October 20, 2009 7:46 pm 7:46 PM

Airtel is rocking in Kolkata………

October 13, 2009 4:40 pm 4:40 PM

should also be reduce the roaming charges on airtel.

October 13, 2009 12:49 pm 12:49 PM

Its good if Mr. Sunil Mittal & his company has decided to go up with tariff war tough rates are not as low as new operators. We should welcome it. But of course it doesn’t mean that company is going away with its earlier strategies. And if you are shouting now, then its extremly bad. If they don’t reduce tariff, peoples keep shouting. Even if they reduce tariffs, peoples keep shouting.. what the hell..

October 13, 2009 12:41 pm 12:41 PM

where is Mr. Sunil Mittal now ?
some days ago he said in interview that we dont respond to any competitor (when rcom reduces the call rates) and we have our own policies. why airtel has reduces the call rates now ?

I dont agree with u that only airtel has good network. I think rcom cdma and vodafone also has very good network in like airtel.
and airtel can never be close to rcom in case of call rates.
airtel charges very high in the name of good network.

October 12, 2009 9:43 pm 9:43 PM

i dont trust relaince . i will be not surprised if after some days after getting adequate customer they withdrew this scheme for both new user and existing user

October 12, 2009 8:40 pm 8:40 PM



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