Reliance Mobile Announces Price War Against Airtel

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Reliance-Mobile-Announces-Price-War-Aginst-AirTelThe mobile price war has come into a new juncture  for the first time in the history of Indian telecom a operator has targeted its rival by media ads though we have seen this before in soft-drink ads and health drink ad campaign this is first of its kind in telecom industry.

Reliance Mobile  has openly come up with a ad campaign targeting  its rival  and market leader  Airtel quoting “Who offers you STD,local calls and SMS at 50 paise for life without any conditions ? with a comparison chart of Airtel and Relaince tariffs.

Though this is first of its kind as any operator who has come up directly Reliance quoted customer can save their money with Its CDMA and GSM mobile service approx 39% in comparison  to Airtel.

The competition in present Indian market has never been so intense as it is now, no matter if the operator is incumbent or a newbie, we can hear about the launch of new tariff plans, easy recharge vouchers, free minutes calling and more exclusive services almost on daily basis and still feel that a lot more is yet to come.

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