Airtel Kenya to Invest USD 150 Million in Network Expansion Drive: Report

Airtel Kenya plans a USD 150 million investment over three years for network expansion, aiming to enhance connectivity and address coverage challenges.


  • 649 new network sites set to enhance connectivity.
  • Service shops to boost brand visibility in every ward.
  • Airtel Kenya leads 5G rollout with 370 network sites.

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Airtel Kenya to Invest USD 150 Million in Network Expansion Drive

Airtel Kenya plans to invest at least USD 150 million in expanding its network coverage and services. This initiative is set to be implemented over the course of the next three years, with the primary goal of enhancing connectivity and addressing existing connectivity challenges, according to a Business Daily report.

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Network Expansion Strategy

"USD 150 million is what we require for incremental investments in the coming two to three years from a network perspective alone. But that's not the only investment that we will make, there are others happening in regard to building more shops, bringing more affordable routers and so on, the report quoted Airtel CEO as saying.

According to the report, Airtel Kenya has been significantly increasing its investments in the country over recent years. The CEO stated that the company has already injected over USD 1 billion into the Kenyan market since its inception. Notably, the majority of this investment has been made within the past three years, indicating Airtel's steadfast commitment to expanding its presence and offerings in the region.

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Bridging Connectivity Gaps with New Sites

This decisive move comes after Airtel Kenya unveiled its comprehensive network infrastructure plan in June, as reported by TelecomTalk. The company plans to construct a total of 649 new network sites across the country, with 349 of these sites scheduled for completion by the end of this year. An additional 300 sites are currently in the pipeline, all aimed at addressing connectivity issues that have persistently impacted Airtel's users.

Presently, Airtel Kenya's network infrastructure spans over 3,200 sites, ensuring coverage across 89 percent of the country, encompassing all 47 counties.

Strengthening Brand Presence at Local Levels

According to the report, the CEO of Airtel Kenya stated that the company aims to set up a service shop in each ward to enhance its brand visibility. The report also highlighted that there are only 250 wards where Airtel's coverage has not yet reached, but the company plans to address this gap within the next three months.

5G Technology Adoption

Airtel Kenya invested USD 40 million last year to acquire an extra 2,600 MHz spectrum. As reported by TelecomTalk, this investment helped the company successfully launch its high-speed 5G mobile broadband network in July 2023, making Airtel the second operator in Kenya to offer this technology to its customers.

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According to the report, the Airtel CEO stated: "The response has been good, though the penetration of the 5G-enabled devices in the country is almost one percent of our total devices. It is purely an issue of the cost of devices."

Airtel Kenya has already established 370 5G network sites and is set to further expand this infrastructure with an additional 120 sites within the next three months.

This aggressive expansion strategy reaffirms the company's commitment to providing enhanced connectivity and cutting-edge technology solutions to its customers across Kenya.

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