Singtel Commences Construction of 58 MW Data Centre in Tuas, Singapore

Singtel initiates construction of DC Tuas, an eco-friendly data centre, aimed at strengthening Singapore's digital infrastructure and connectivity.


  • DC Tuas to offer 58MW IT load capacity and unique cable landing station integration.
  • Sustainability emphasized with energy-efficient cooling and low PUE.
  • Hyper-connected design with international submarine cables.

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Singtel Commences Construction of 58 MW Data Centre in Tuas, Singapore

Singapore's telecommunications provider, Singtel, has officially launched the construction of DC Tuas, Singapore's highest power density, hyper-connected green data centre. The groundbreaking ceremony was performed on Tuesday, according to Singtel.

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Government Recognition

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) said it remains committed to collaborating with industry leaders to create a sustainable and internationally connected digital ecosystem that caters to Singapore's long-term digital requirements.

Capacity and Connectivity

Anticipated to be operational by 2025, Singtel's DC Tuas is set to offer a 58 MW of IT load capacity. Singtel says the eight-story, 120,000 square-foot facility is Singapore's sole data centre integrated with a cable landing station. This unique integration promises unparalleled domestic and international connectivity, resulting in optimized network performance, lower latency, and heightened reliability.

Sustainability and Efficiency

DC Tuas aligns with Singtel's commitment to sustainability and decarbonization. The facility will incorporate cooling technologies to support rack densities of up to 80kW per rack. This will significantly reduce power consumption, achieving a power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating of below 1.3.

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Strategic Significance

Singtel Digital InfraCo emphasized that DC Tuas embodies Singtel's fourth-generation design principles. This design features the highest power density and seamless connectivity through direct links to multiple international submarine cables. The launch of DC Tuas positions Singapore as a pivotal business and connectivity hub, catering to the rising demand for cloud services and rapid AI adoption in the region.

Future Capacity and Demand

Singtel currently provides 60 MW of data centre capacity in Singapore, which is set to expand to 118 MW upon completion of DC Tuas, which adds 58 MW of IT capacity. Singtel said the facility has already attracted interest from hyperscalers, multinational corporations, regional businesses, and local enterprises, further underscoring its role in meeting diverse digital demands.

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International Collaborations

In addition to its efforts within Singapore, Singtel said it has formed partnerships with Telkom, Medco Power in Indonesia, GULF, and AIS in Thailand as reported by TelecomTalk. These collaborations have led to the establishment of data centres in Batam and Bangkok, extending Singtel's commitment to fostering digital growth beyond its home turf.

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The commencement of DC Tuas marks a significant step toward Singapore's digital transformation journey.

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