Airtel Digital TV Connection Relocation Service: See Prices and Steps

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In the past, we have already seen some of the attractive offers, channel packs and other services that Airtel Digital TV is shipping for its customers. However, in such a competitive industry the barrage of offers from these DTH companies doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. One particular service which is very crucial for any DTH subscribers, but is usually overlooked during the time of subscription is of relocation. But, when the need arises, is required at all costs and high convenience by the subscriber. So, here are the steps and rates for relocating your DTH connection and migrating the equipment from one place to another.

Registration for Un-installation of Equipment

The first thing that Airtel Digital TV should understand in relocation is how the company conducts the entire process. The notable thing is that Airtel considers the relocation process to be of two steps – uninstallation and reinstallation at the new site, and as such, the consumers must register for these two steps separately. From the list of numbers that Airtel has given for various states, Airtel Digital TV subscribers can register for uninstallation of their equipment which will take anywhere from a few hours, up to 6 hours and after that, they can register for the reinstallation which will again take up to 6 hours. Alternatively, the customers can book their relocation request on [email protected]

Airtel Digital TV Relocation Charges

Airtel has also laid down the relocation and uninstallation charges for the customers in which it has noted that for a single connection de-installation it will charge Rs 150, whereas for multiple-connections it will charge Rs 150 as well. In the case of de-installation from a multi-dwelling unit (MDU), Airtel Digital TV will charge Rs 200 for a single connection and Rs 300 for multiple-connections.

In case of reinstallation to same premises or different premises with old Dish, Airtel will charge Rs 250 and Rs 8 per metre of extra cable for a single connection, and in the case of multi-connections, the DTH operator would charge Rs 75 additional per connection. In case of the multi-dwelling unit to single dwelling unit (SDU), Airtel Digital TV will charge Rs 200 + Rs 400 + Rs 8 per metre for extra cable, whereas it will charge Rs 300 + Rs 400 + Rs 8 per metre for an extra cable.

Costs of New Dish for Airtel Digital TV Subscribers

Airtel Digital TV has also detailed the costs for a new Dish as well, in case the subscriber wants it to be replaced. For a single connection, in that case, the DTH subscriber would be charged Rs 200 and Rs 400 along with Rs 8 per extra metre of cable. In case of multiple connections, this charge would be Rs 300 + Rs 400 and Rs 8 per extra metre of cable. In the case of relocating from an SDU to MDU, for a single connection, the charge would be Rs 200 + Rs 8 per extra metre of cable, and in the case of multi-connection, it will be Rs 300 + Rs 8 per extra metre of cable.

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