Airtel Business Insights: Hyper-Personalisation Important for User Engagement

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Airtel Business, the Business-to-Business (B2B) arm of Bharti Airtel, today released its Business Insights report called ‘Customer Engagement Redefined. Anytime. Anywhere.” The report focuses on the importance of reimagining customer experience at a time when users hold several personal devices and consume services through different channels. According to the report, there are five pillars that redefine customer engagement journeys.

Five Pillars to Redefine Customer Engagement Journey

The first pillar is ‘Intelligent Interactions’. According to the report, customers today expect consistent services and a connected experience. Thus intuitive customer satisfaction surveys, digital onboarding, chat-bot based conversations and more become very essential.

The second point highlighted in the report was ‘hyper-personalisation’. With the help of big data, businesses can identify their customers' behaviour and characteristics and provide them with a personalised service/experience. It helps in keeping the attention of the users.

Coming to the third point, a business should focus on providing consistent services to users. Whether the customer is interacting with the mobile app, web store, or physical store, the experience must stay consistent. The engagement experience throughout the different channels of sales should be uniform.

The fourth point highlighted in the report is ‘Customer’s Choice of Time’. It means that a business should know the right time to approach a customer with its services. Customers have varied interests, and the business should be able to identify the time they will give them their attention.

Lastly, the fifth point of the report focused on providing a secure shopping experience to the customer. Businesses should invest resources in making their service more robust and secure for the end customer. ‘Digital trust’ in today’s world is very important, and businesses need to increase their privacy and security standards to earn their customers' trust.

Ajay Chitkara, Director and CEO of Airtel Business, said that customers are looking for services/products online-first and are paying more attention to omnichannel services.

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