Airtel’s 4G is Not coming on March 20th

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Airtel's 4G is Not coming on March 20thWe are sorry to tell you that 4G is not coming to India tomorrow  there was a rumour on internet that Airtel will be launching 4G services in Kolkata on 20th March.

The news was also covered by a leading newspaper which took as a fire in the Indian internet space and Mass media.

As you know 3G was not so popular in India due to several factor ranging from pricing to handset availability coverage etc.

Experts believe that 4G tariff in India is going to be sky high when comparing with 3G all though its so premature to comment on the tariff prior any launch.

The main aim of 4G technology is to enable users with high speed mobile internet access, thus enabling several other features. Also other aim was to converge all the existing networks into one network.It’s truly going to be a technological evolution.

While 3G was more of an extension to 2G, 4G is entirely new. The entire mobile network architecture was redesigned so as to achieve always on high speed connectivity and also enable operators with various mobile networks to converge into one network.

Now one has to wait and see when 4G will launch in India and what kind of tariff operators are going to implement.

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