5G Smartphones in India Aren’t Worth the Extra Money: Opinion

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5G is the next-generation connectivity technology that stands to change the way both people and machines interact with each other. Several new 5G devices have launched in the last year, and people are going mad for upgrading from current their 4G device to a 5G one.

But in very simple words, 5G devices aren’t worth your extra money today. Let me explain why!

5G supportive chipsets cost extra for the smartphone makers to purchase from semi-conductor manufacturers such as Qualcomm and MediaTek. Thus, the end pricing of the smartphone is higher than what it would have been if it sported a 4G chipset.

While it is fair for the companies to charge extra for the chipset with a 5G modem, it is really unwise for us to pay for it today.

5G Will Take Years to be Rolled Out Nationwide

Telcos aren’t going to launch 5G networks all over India right away. Even when they do launch 5G, which is still months or even a year away, it is expected to be a soft-launch in the metro cities.

So if you are rushing into buying a new 5G smartphone by paying more than what you had thought of, don’t do that!

The smart move would be to stick with your budget and go for a low-cost or, even yet, a better premium 4G smartphone for the same price. This is because you won’t be able to utilise your device's 5G connectivity feature, so why pay extra for it?

Especially when there is a serious scarcity of low-cost 5G smartphones in India. Google is doing the same thing with its Pixel devices. They are looking to keep the price of their smartphones down in India by including a 4G chipset instead of a 5G one since there is no commercial 5G network in India.

You can think about buying a 5G device 1.5 years or even 2 years from now. But at present, stick with 4G devices that bring you value for the money you paid.

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