Global: 5G revolution in Europe, major operators target sporting events for launch

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Following the 29th annual Telecoms Summit in Santander, which was a resounding 5G wake up call for Europe, service providers are in a hurry to set their deadlines for 5G launch in Europe. Most of them are targeting the major sports events for the launch.


According to a blog by Nokia Networks’ Senior Vice President (Market – Europe) Markus Borchert, Nokia will launch its ‘first commercial full spec 5G’ at the European football championship in 2020. Considering the reach of the event, to be held in 13 cities across 13 countries, this is going to be a massive launch.

Next on the list is KT Telecom. The company has set an even shorter deadline, for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea. Another operator from Asia NTT Docomo plans to launch its 5G on a 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics date. Huawei and Russia’s MegaFon is working on trials for the 2018 World Cup.

“Innovation with practical applications is key. For example, connecting homes to nearby fiber with Nokia Networks’ just launched 5G-ready massive broadband solution represents the first concrete step towards realizing some of the 5G benefits already in 2017. Our holistic programmable 5G multi-service architecture, provides a clear view on what type of network architecture is needed for future use cases, including not only people but mission-critical machine communications, and machine-to-machine connections for enhanced Internet of Things (IoT) applications,” reads the blog.

“It will allow for massive traffic growth (peak data rate higher than 10 Gbps compared to the 300 Mbps LTE) with virtually zero latency and an explosive growth of the devices. It will also integrate pre-existing technologies, while lowering energy consumption. Future applications and industries such as innovative health care services and self-driving cars will transform the business of most industries with fully automated and self-organizing production processes”, Borchert writes further.

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