1 Gbps Broadband Plans from Airtel, JioFiber, ACT Fibernet and MTNL Listed

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Internet service providers have come with their special 1 Gbps broadband plans. These are of course very expensive to purchase. Regardless, they are very useful for places such as offices where a lot of people are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. With 1 Gbps broadband plans from Airtel, Spectra, Jio, ACT, and MTNL, you can get some of the best benefits. Each of these internet service providers offers something unique with their plan. Let’s look at what all of them offer.

Airtel Xstream Fiber 1 Gbps Broadband Plan

Airtel Xstream Fiber offers a 1 Gbps plan. It is the most expensive plan from the telco and is known as the VIP plan. It offers unlimited internet at a speed of 1 Gbps. But as we know with the Airtel fiber plans, unlimited internet is not unlimited internet. It is 3.3TB data. But to be fair, that is still a lot of data to consume over a one month period. There are unlimited local and STD calls available as well. Airtel Xstream also offers Airtel Thanks benefits such as Amazon Prime, ZEE5 Premium, and Airtel Xstream Premium along with it. Monthly Rental for the plan stands at Rs 3,999 without taxes.

ACT 1 Gbps Broadband Plan

The 1 Gbps broadband plan from ACT is called as ACT Giga. It will come with a monthly limit of 3500GB and once that is exhausted, the internet speed will drop down to 5 Mbps. The plan costs Rs 5,999 and is not available in every city of India at the moment. Once you have exhausted your 3500GB data, your internet speed will be reduced to 5 Mbps. An interesting thing to note here is that the same plan is offered at Rs 2,999 in Chennai, while it costs Rs 5,999 in Bengaluru and Hyderabad cities.

Spectra 1 Gbps Broadband Plan

At the moment, Spectra is offering its internet services in 8 cities in India. But the 1 Gbps speed is offered in only three cities at the moment which is - Delhi, Chennai, and Bengaluru. You will have to effectively pay Rs 2,499 per month if you purchase a yearly 1 Gbps plan from the internet service provider. There are taxes to be added as well. You will also have to pay an installation charge of Rs 1,000 the first time you request for the service.

JioFiber 1 Gbps Broadband Plans

JioFiber is also offering 1 Gbps broadband plan and has named it Titanium. You will have to pay a monthly rental of Rs 8,499 for the plan. There is a benefit of 5000GB data every month. The first time you recharge, you will get an additional benefit of 5000GB. So effectively, you will get 10000GB data the first time you subscribe for the plan. There are many other benefits included such as TV video call worth Rs 1,200 for a whole year. Then there is zero latency gaming provided as well which is worth Rs 1,200 a year. Device security is also provided with the plan. You also get VR experience and Premium content along with a Home Gateway + STB, and entertainment OTT apps. There's also a Rs 3,999 Platinum JioFiber plan that also ships with 1 Gbps speeds and 2500GB data benefit per month.

MTNL 1 Gbps Broadband Plans

MTNL is offering two 1 Gbps plans with monthly charges of Rs 2,990 and Rs 4,990. With the Rs 2,990 mostly plan, you will get 3000GB data at 1 Gbps speed. With the Rs 4990 plan, you will get 6000GB monthly data. There are also six months and yearly plans available which bring in additional data benefits which you must check out.

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