App Review : Z1 Contacts Backup Restore – One Click Contact Backup App for Android Smartphones

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Contacts being the most important information in any mobile device are always hard to keep safe and backed up continuously without our intervention.Every now and then we come across embarrassing posts by some one or the other in social Networking sites saying - “I lost my phone or contacts please  SMS me your Numbers with names”. 

So, Pune based mobile app company- Optinno Mobitech, has launched an innovative solution for the problem. Optinno’s new app- “Z1 Contacts Backup Restore ” automatically backups up contacts in the background so that the next time you won't feel bad when you lost any of your contacts.

The app works on a Patent Pending technology that automatically backs up the latest contacts in a separately created folder in Gmail and provides an option to restore those contacts back in phone in 1 click and so the name Z1.

You can even download the backup attachment from Gmail which is in zip format on you PC and work on contacts with various Address book softwares since the contacts are stored in .vcf format.

You can ask My Android automatically keeps the contacts in sync with Google contacts and whats the use of this App?

Your Android sync the contacts to Google contacts, but the problem is it mixes up the Gmail (email) contacts and phone book contacts, making it much complicated and messy to manage. Now, with this app you can automatically backup all the phone book contacts.

So to start working off with the app just download it from Google Play Store and install .This app will automatically backup all the latest contacts in .vcf format packed to a zip for every new backup event along with contact picture which is an amazing feature of this app and stores the zip file on the SD card.

If purchased the premium version and connected to Internet while enabling IMAP in your Gmail this zip file is automatically backed up to cloud ie to your gmail account which is linked. This way you can restore when ever you feel like from any of the last 5 backups shown up in the application interface as the Zip file is saved with a name showing the Number of contacts backed up.

So, you really don't need to worry about loosing your contacts even thought you lost your phone as they are backed up into your gmail if you are using a premium version. During our usage the app handled a large number of contacts pretty easily with out any device hangs. You can also use it easily and comfortably as the resources used by the app are also negligible while running in the background.

Please be noted that a single click on the Restore contacts option will delete your entire contact list present and update with the contacts with the latest backup event done. Don't try to stop any of the on going backup or restore process in the middle as this would disturb the process resulting in loss of contacts. The old contacts are deleted before restoring any backup only to avoid sync or any other issues.

This is all an automated and hassle free solution to backup and restore the phonebook. The Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich UI theme makes the app modern looking and cool. Currently the app is available on Android and available as free app. You can try the Premium features for free for 30 days. After that the app will still backup the contacts but only on the SD card. The devloper Optinno Mobitech plans to launch this cool app on other platforms soon.

This app is worth a try for Android users with No continuous Internet connection running in the background and a good application that one should have with a running Internet connection to get their contacts backed up regularly to cloud.

Direct link to downlaod this app from Google Play App Store -

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