Xiaomi Launches Mi Router 4Q at Half the Price of its Predecessor

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Xiaomi, the Chinese tech manufacturer, has recently launched one of the cheapest Wi-Fi routers in the mainland. The Xiaomi Mi Router 4Q has already arrived on the shelves in Mainland China and on the Xiaomi’s Youpin crowdfunding platform. The external appearance of this new router is nothing like what we get to see in the other routers by Xiaomi. This drastic revamp is marked by a blue hue on the outside, which is very different from the standard black and white polycarbonate finish. The Xiaomi Mi Router 4Q comes with three dual-band antennas which also support MIMO technology for faster speeds. Each antenna dedicatedly caters to 450 Mbps of bandwidth.


Besides supporting the 802.11n wireless protocol, the Mi Router 4Q sports a MiNET button that will enable users to quickly connect to a Wi-Fi network. Using this feature, they will be able to connect their router to a network without the need for a password.

Speaking of the hardware inside this router, the Mi Router 4Q surely gets an upgrade from the pricier predecessor. This new router packs the Qualcomm QCA9561 chip clocked at 775MHz that comes accompanied by 64MB of internal memory. This is different from the Mi Router 4, which sports MediaTek MT7621A processor and 128MB of RAM and internal storage.

However, being a newly launched device, Xiaomi has yet to reveal some stuff about the Mi Router 4Q. It also remains to be seen whether or not this router will come with the capability of connecting with 128 devices at one time like its predecessor, the Mi Router 4.

It is expected that due to its low price, the Xiaomi Mi Router 4Q will attract a substantial number of buyers. The price tag of just 99 Yuan (approx. Rs 1,046/$15) is almost half of what the Mi Router 4 costed at 199 Yuan (approx. Rs 2,100/$30). This is bound to draw the Chinese buyers towards this new piece of hardware. Also, till now there has been no word about whether or not Xiaomi plans to launch this new router in other countries.

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