Xiaomi Beats Apple, Vivo to Lead the 5G Race in India

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Xiaomi is well known in India for providing powerful smartphones for a very cheap price. The Chinese smartphone maker has been very successful in gaining a larger market share against its rivals because of ruling in the mid-range and entry-level smartphone segment. As per data obtained from Kunal Sarkar, Vice President, PredictVu, Xiaomi has beaten Apple and Vivo to become the smartphone brand that sold the most number of 5G smartphones in India. This data is only for January 2021 to April 2021 period.

Vivo on the Second Position Followed by Apple

Vivo was beaten by Xiaomi in terms of the volume of 5G smartphones sold. As per data, Xiaomi stood at the top in 5G smartphones sales volume with 31%, followed by Vivo (23%) and Apple (16%). It is worth noting that Vivo came out with the most number of 5G smartphones (9 devices) in the period compared to Apple, which was still selling last year’s iPhone 12 series with 5G support and Xiaomi (4 devices).

Despite coming out with the most number of 5G devices in the period, Vivo was still far behind Xiaomi in terms of sales volume. This isn’t a surprising insight as Xiaomi is well known for capturing or targetting a larger market share and sales volume by offering much affordable smartphones than what its competitors are offering.

However, what’s interesting is that brands including Samsung and OnePlus, both of which promise to offer a ‘premium’ experience to their users, were far behind Apple in sales volume during the period despite them offering devices that were priced lesser than Apple’s iPhone 12 series smartphones.

Xiaomi is expected to continue growing in the 5G smartphone segment, given its reputation for offering more for less. The company is soon going to launch yet another 5G smartphone called the Redmi Note 10T 5G in India on July 20, 2021.

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