Wifi Dabba, a Bangalore Based Startup Aiming to Disrupt Reliance Jio by Offering 1GB Data at Just Rs. 20!

Wifi Dabba is an Indian startup company aiming to follow the footsteps of Reliance Jio by offering data at insane prices. However, the company is looking to beat Jio at its own game. Wifi Dabba is a 13-month old startup aiming to change the entire data game in the country. ‘Data is Oil’ says Mukesh Ambani every time he addresses a press conference, and Wifi Dabba seems to believe the same concept.


This Bangalore based upstart company already outed its data plans, and they’re uber cheap. Wifi Dabba is offering 100MB data at Rs. 2, 500MB data at Rs. 10, and 1GB data at Rs. 20. The data will expire in 24 hours. That said, these are the cheapest data plans you can find on the market today.

“Data cost in India is very high at present. We believe that even after the launch of Jio there is a lot of room for price wars to happen and we are certain that we can drop the prices even further,” said Wifi Dabba, cofounder, Shubhendu Sharma while speaking with Economic Times.

By now, you must have got an idea of how can enjoy Wifi Dabba’s internet. If not, here’s the thing. The data tokens of Wifi Dabba will be made available in tea stalls and bakeries, and the user has to purchase it and log in using their mobile number. “We do not ask our users to download any app. They just need to punch in their mobile numbers, fill in the OTP for verification, punch in the key and connect to the internet,” added Sharma. You can relate the connection to any hotel Wi-Fi. Whenever you connect to a hotel Wi-Fi, it will automatically open the login page, and the same applies to Wifi Dabba as well.

As said earlier, Wifi Dabba aims to provide superfast internet at cheap rates. Wifi Dabba has a licensed ISP which powers the internet to the routers setup at the tea stalls and bakeries. Sharma also said to the publication that they would be providing 50 Mbps speed within 100-200 meters.

Furthermore, Wifi Dabba has already installed 350 routers or dabbas (going by their nomenclature) across the city of Bangalore. Sharma also revealed that over 1800 connection requests are in-waiting.

“While the cost of maintaining fibre is high and it also requires local modifications; the quality of service and reliability provided by a cable is any day better than airwaves,” added Sharma.

It is also said that to set up a dabba; it costs close to Rs. 4,000 for the company and the process of setting up a single dabba takes close to 6-7 days, but the company is looking to bring down the time to 3-4 days.

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November 22, 2017 6:17 am 6:17 AM

Good plans for temporary use. Those with 5 sense are comparing public wifi plans with mobile data plans. Nonsense.

November 21, 2017 10:54 pm 10:54 PM

There are many such wifi initiatives. I remember govt had a plan to cover bangalore with wifi. Mr kejariwal had a plan to cover delhi with wifi.
You need a million wifi hot spot to cover every spot in delhi and that is not possible. So dear mobile is still a better option than wifi.
Let’s see how far will it go.

November 21, 2017 8:42 pm 8:42 PM

JIO is still cheapest: Rs 4.75 per day for 1GB data. Rs 399 / 84 days. And don’t forget unlimited local STD roaming too!

November 22, 2017 6:00 am 6:00 AM

Stop comparing public wifi with jio 4G. Use your common sense.

November 21, 2017 11:01 pm 11:01 PM

Now 399 has 70 days validity

November 21, 2017 10:57 pm 10:57 PM