WhatsApp Rolls Out Private Reply Feature With the Latest Android Beta Update

WhatsApp is now rolling out a new feature to its Android Beta users which is named as ‘Private Reply.’ While the name of the feature sounds like it’s some massive one, well, actually it’s not. It’s a basic feature which WhatsApp users have been asking for ages. Basically, Private Reply allows users to send a private message with the help of a group message. For example, you’re in a group chat and want to reply to a particular message which only the message sender can see and not others; This is when the new Private Reply feature comes into place. With this feature, you can reply to a particular message which has been sent in a group to that sender privately, meaning in the personal chat- no incognito mode yet.


WhatsApp Private Reply Feature: How to Use?

WhatsApp is rolling out this feature to all the Android Beta users out there. The latest Beta update- v2.18.335 brings this feature and it can be used very easily. In order to make use of this new feature, head over to any group chat and tap & hold that message, then you’ll be presented with a lot of option on the top. Press the three dot button which shows a new option- ‘Reply privately.’ Choosing that Reply privately option will open the personal chat with that particular person, allowing you to discuss about a certain topic. When you reply privately, the message which you chose will be displayed in the personal chat as well, which is the whole agenda of this feature.

That being said, there’s no hidden mode. This Private Reply feature just enables the personal chat with the other person, and the chat will be visible in the future as well.

Private Reply feature is one of the much-asked features by WhatsApp users across the globe. Not only it reduces the hassle of searching for contact and also keeps the other person intact with the current chat situation.

WhatsApp Already Allows Per Message Reply

In the last one year or so, WhatsApp has been consistently working hard to improve the experience with groups. Late in 2017, the Facebook-owned company rolled out per message reply feature allowing users to reply to a particular message to avoid confusion in the groups. Now the Private Reply feature works on the same note, but it sends the message directly to the contact, not in the group, which is a good thing.

In other news, WhatsApp has rolled out ‘Swipe to Reply‘ feature to Android Beta users very recently, which is yet another nifty addition.

WhatsApp Beta v2.18.335 Comes With a Major Bug

As mentioned above, the Private Reply feature has been rolled out to users with the WhatsApp Beta v2.18.335. Alongside this new feature, the update comes with a major bug, according to WABetaInfo. WhatsApp crashes whenever you delete a particular media message from a group. And there’s no fix for the same at the moment as we have to wait for the next Beta updates which could be v2.18.336/337. So, it’s not recommended to update the v2.18.335, but if you want the Private Reply feature, you can do it right away by heading over to Google Play Store.

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