Vodafone introduces new 3G booster packs for Tamil Nadu postpaid customers

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Postpaid customers would know that once they exceed a given amount of data consumption, it gets pretty difficult for them to last through the remaining part of the billing cycle with lower data speeds. Well, Vodafone has introduced booster packs for its postpaid consumers of 3G in Tamil Nadu in order to cater to this issue. Let us tell you what is on offer:


  • A Rs 100 booster pack will get you 300MB of data with regular 3G data for a single billing cycle.
  • Getting yourself a Rs 250 booster will fetch you 1GB of 3G data for a single billing cycle.
  • If you opt for the Rs 450 booster pack, you can get 2GB of 3G data for a single billing cycle.

So what you get is extra data at full speed till your bill cycle date. These are valid only till the bill cycle date and will not be renewed. They are applicable only on Unlimited Packs and Bill Shield Packs. Do let us know if these turn out to be useful for you.

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