Vodafone India Drives 3G Adoption With Be Smart Mobile Internet Initiative, Targets users with HSPA Handsets

Vodafone India today launched ‘Be Smart’ Mobile Internet initiative.

Vodafone ‘Be Smart’ Mobile Internet initiative communicates the need for synergizing 3G technology with HSPA enabled handsets, for a faster, smarter and better mobile internet experience. This initiative in Mumbai is in line with Vodafone’s overall strategy to democratise data and enhance awareness on the benefits of mobile internet to both current as well as prospective customers.

The new ‘Be Smart’ initiative projects real life situations with popular mobile applications ranging from videos & music, navigation, social networking, online gaming, live stock market updates etc. It engages with the audience communicating the message of ‘Smartphones are incomplete without Vodafone 3G’, in a stimulating and interesting manner.

Additionally, opening up the world of 3G to a wider audience and attempting to break existing barriers and inhibitions related to pricing, Vodafone also promotes usage with its Mobile Internet packs competitively priced and starting from Rs 44 for its Mumbai customers to induce usage with HSPA enabled handsets and experience 3G.

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[…] has recently started a brand campaigning in Mumbai to increase 3G penetration in the circle. ‘Be Smart‘, as it is called will promote 3G services to Vodafone’s smartphone customer base. The […]

July 27, 2013 5:05 am 5:05 AM

It is a matter of laugh that Vodafone is telling us to “be smart” with Rs 44 (175 MB data for 7 days). However smarter one can choose better 3G packs from other companies and remain free from VAS also.

July 26, 2013 9:33 am 9:33 AM

Vodafone will never drop their data rates,
they know that once people are hooked to them, very difficult for people to leave.’
while other operators have slashed the 3G data charges for postpay and prepay customers
vodafone will wait till they receive MNP requests from their huge chunk of customers for exorbitant data charges