Vodafone Idea Continues Its 12 Month Long Subscriber Losing Streak: TRAI

From 267,129,032 wireless subscribers in November 2021 to 245,623,140 wireless subscribers in October 2022, Vi (Vodafone Idea) has come a long way with subscriber loss. Even the VLR hovered around 86 per cent, which saw many ups and downs.

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Vodafone Idea Continues Its 12 Month Long Subscriber Losing Streak: TRAI

Telecom Regulatory of India released its report on the subscriber base for October 2021. Vodafone Idea, the merged entity of Vodafone and Idea Cellular, has also achieved a milestone if we observe the wireless subscriber numbers for the past 12 months. In this Analysis, let’s look into the subscriber numbers and the priority circle performance.

Vi (Vodafone Idea) Records Continuous Subscriber loss for the last 12 plus Months

Month TRAI Data for Total Subscribers Net Addition VLR %
Month 1 Nov 2021 267,129,032 -1,897,050 86.69
Month 2 Dec 2021 265,514,322 -1,614,710 86.42
Month 3 Jan 2022 265,125,240 -389,082 86.3
Month 4 Feb 2022 263,593,051 -1,532,189 85.7
Month 5 Mar 2022 260,774,732 -2,818,319 86.7
Month 6 Apr 2022 259,206,066 -1,568,666 85.77
Month 7 May 2022 258,446,808 -759,258 85.14
Month 8 Jun 2022 256,645,622 -1,801,186 85.2
Month 9 Jul 2022 255,102,703 -1,542,919 85.03
Month 10 Aug 2022 253,144,350 -1,958,353 84.65
Month 11 Sep 2022 249,132,806 -4,011,544 85.17
Month 12 Oct 2022 245,623,140 -3,509,666 86.2

From 267,129,032 wireless subscribers in November 2021 to 245,623,140 wireless subscribers in October 2022, Vi (Vodafone Idea) has come a long way with subscriber loss. Even the VLR hovered around 86 per cent, which saw many ups and downs.

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Vodafone Idea (Vi) Wireless Subscribers for October 2022

Sl. No Circle Sep 2022 Oct 2022 Subscriber Gain/Loss
1 Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 12,491,955 12,300,968 -190,987
2 Assam 2,264,284 2,203,229 -61,055
3 Bihar 9,959,642 9,700,393 -259,249
4 Delhi 16,616,495 16,668,651 52,156
5 Gujarat 23,266,733 22,971,933 -294,800
6 Haryana 7,729,482 7,633,531 -95,951
7 Himachal Pradesh 521,480 510,985 -10,495
8 Jammu & Kashmir 414,420 408,684 -5,736
9 Karnataka 7,668,092 7,636,633 -31,459
10 Kerala 14,990,802 14,878,749 -112,053
11 Kolkata 5,993,135 5,947,569 -45,566
12 Madhya Pradesh 18,318,854 17,867,798 -451,056
13 Maharashtra & Goa 26,351,731 25,785,346 -566,385
14 Mumbai 11,440,567 11,515,155 74,588
15 North East 1,023,214 1,004,679 -18,535
16 Odisha 1,677,824 1,645,826 -31,998
17 Punjab 7,640,310 7,544,015 -96,295
18 Rajasthan 10,609,215 10,400,783 -208,432
19 Tamil Nadu 17,445,195 17,221,976 -223,219
20 Uttar Pradesh East 19,609,019 19,331,519 -277,500
21 Uttar Pradesh West 17,878,479 17,532,134 -346,345
22 West Bengal 15,221,878 14,912,584 -309,294
Total 249,132,806 245,623,140 -3,509,666
Net Addition -4,011,544 -3,509,666

Vodafone Idea lost 3,509,666 wireless subscribers in all of its circles except Delhi and Mumbai. Vi lost most subscribers in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra & Goa, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh East, Uttar Pradesh West and West Bengal.

Vi’s (Vodafone Idea) Lucrative Tariff Benefits Not Helping

We are not sure what kind of customers Vi is targeting, but considering the benefits the telco bundles on both prepaid and postpaid, it appears that the telco targets users who spend nights consuming the internet with Night Unlimited, watch a lot of OTT content and spend most of their times on mobile devices. However, even with such lucrative benefits, the subscriber numbers show that customers are least interested in sticking with the telco. We also believe if the churn continues, Vi will further reduce the tariff to attract or retain subscribers. But it needs to be seen, with such a subscriber base, who would be interested in investing.

Possible Reasons for Subscriber Loss

We believe the below might be some possible reasons for subscriber loss.

1. Network Quality

From my experience, network quality is one main reason customers are not sticking with the telco. Yes, Vi’s Network has issues, and I experience it daily. A few issues with the Network include No VoLTE or fluctuating VoLTE, not so good voice quality on 2G and poor data services where specific sites lag in loading. On one side, speed tests show 30 Mbps while Instant messages struggle to deliver or pages drag to load. This has been my experience since the merger and is not something new.

2. Investments

The number of years the telco has dragged without any concrete business plan also delayed bringing investments into the company. The anonymous references to fresh investments in the news are also possible reasons for hardly any trust left.

3. Actions are different from Words

On one side, the telco talks about unsustainable tariffs at various platforms but reduces the tariffs on postpaid and prepaid segments. So, this makes us believe vi does not need any funds and is sustainable. While no user will be interested in paying for substandard quality, we believe the telco needs to develop a plan.

4. No 5G Radios Installed

As of November 26, 2022, there is not a single 5G radio installed, per the Ministry of Communications response. On the 5G aspect, the telco claims they are working with handset vendors for the eco-system. What it is that the telco needs to work separately when two other telcos are also doing it in parallel is something we are not sure about.


As of now, it is difficult to anticipate anything with much uncertainty around the telco. However, with subscriber loss continuing for more than a year, we believe it is highly unsustainable for any telco to perform.

Note: Manual work is involved, and care is taken to avoid any errors. Please report in case of any corrections.

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