Vodafone introduces ‘Flex’ prepaid plans across india

After launching ‘Flex’ postpaid plan, second largest operator, Vodafone has now come up with prepaid Flex packs across the country. Flex is the recent addition from the British telecom giant’s Indian unit which is facing tough competition from rival networks these days. The Flex prepaid packs are a concept for a simplified prepaid plan which is originally Vodafone Group’s global strategy for offering easy to use prepaid plans. The similar ‘Flex’ plan is already available in Vodafone’s other international markets like Egypt, Australia and Qatar.



Prepaid customers who will recharge with ‘Flex’ prepaid packs will get ‘Flex’ points by which they can consume mobile data, SMS or voice calls. Its very easy to use and flexible as there’s no such restriction on use and need to recharge with a fixed data pack or top up card. Also as the voice minutes charges as ‘Flex’ points, one can save Rs 40-70 as rate cutter cost.

What Flex Prepaid offers:

  • Recharge with Flex Pack and get Flex Points.
  • Pay for what you use as Flex Points.
  • Each Flex Pack comes with 28 days validity.
  • Top up before the validity to carry forward the benefits.
  • No need to recharge with several packs including data packs, SMS pack, rate cutter and top up cards.
  • No need to maintain main balance if you’re not using international roaming / international calls or sms.
  • No worries about false balance deduction or unauthorized VAS charges.

Flex Rates:

  • Pay 1 Flex Point for 1 MB data 2G/3G/4G.
  • Pay 1 Flex Point for incoming roaming calls.
  • Pay 2 Flex Points for local and STD calls including landline numbers.
  • Pay 2 Flex Points for outgoing calls on roaming network.

In India, the company launched 4 Flex prepaid packs for prepaid customers for entry level to mid-level customers. ‘Flex 325’ which comes with 325 ‘Flex’ points costs Rs 119. The semi mid-level pack priced at Rs 199 will offer 700 Flex points while at a cost of 299 you can get almost double Flex points. Last and the costly pack comes with 1750 Flex points at Rs 399.

Flex Pack Details: 

Name Price Flex Points Validity Average Benefits*
Flex 325 Rs 119 325 28 Days with Carry forward feature if recharge made before the expiry date 100 MB data + 50 Vodafone minutes + 25 SMS + 75 minutes to other networks
Flex 700 Rs 199 700 250 MB data + 200 voice minutes + 50 SMS
Flex 1200 Rs 299 1200 800 MB data + 200 voice minutes
Flex 1750 Rs 399 1750 1 GB data + 350 voice minutes + 25 SMS
Pricing can vary depending on circles. Check with VF CC before opting.

 Our Take:

As the pack offers flexibility and one can use it without choosing any packs or opting for quota, this pack is ideal for people who don’t like prepaid recharging pattern and are bored with combo postpaid packs. Also as it comes with carry forwarding feature and also one can save for STV or rate cutters so it’s not a bad deal. However, those who rely on mobile data and consume more data than a normal user would find it useless as one can’t get much data with these packs. Though Jio would offer free calls with every pack, the flexibility in ‘Flex’ is a really special thing which may attract many customers.

Dear readers, do share your thoughts on this ‘Flex’ prepaid plan through comments.

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Business analyst
November 24, 2016 4:55 pm 4:55 PM
I have a question is this worth , lets say a customer does a recharge of Rs.398 and he gets a FLEX Balance1750. In today’s scenario we use Data and Talk time , which is basic for our daily day to day activity. So if this customer does a call to his colleagues or family or any Friends per day lets say he talks at least 1 hour per day, which is 60mins equals to 60 Flex. He uses a data to check mails or to chat or use social media, he is gone spend 100 mb which is 100… Read more »
October 29, 2016 2:20 pm 2:20 PM

Nonsense they are just making us fool.i recharge the flex and i didn’t get anything.i will never ever recharge flex again

September 28, 2016 12:33 pm 12:33 PM

This is totall BS. The plan isnt very hard to understand. They’re basically trying to make it look like we are getting benefits…when actually there are none. These morons still dont understand that calls and SMS are not the main factor here…the main factor is the data. There should be like 5MB or more of data per flex point, instead of 1 Flex being 1MB. Screw that! I know we Indians are thrifty but trying to get us to calculate points per activity? Come on…