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virgin-mobile-vTurkVirgin Mobile V-TURK is One of its kind of Project Virgin Mobile has started in order know the consumer behaviors ,more precise the teen behavior. The target audience of Virgin Mobile is Basically Teens,With the launch of VTURK virgin will be directly able to reach the consumer also will help virgin to bring out the exact product as per the consumer needs.

VTURK will help virgin mobile to know the exact need of the consumer also the feedback received from the students will help Virgin mobile to fill the GAP. When some one sign’s up to become a vTurk, He become Virgin representative in his or Her college.

Over a period of 3 months,that Person will be Virgin’s window into the college life where Person will tell virgin what makes him & his friends tick. Person will have to ask his  pals, batch-mates, the cute guy/girl in class and even his arch rivals and nemeses these questions, and share a compilations of his findings with Virgin.

The Analysis Needs To Be Based On

Post-purchase behavior of 90 self-acquired Virgin Mobile users on campus

Attitudes and preferences of at least 350 non-Virgin Mobile cell-phone users on campus

These Data and Details will allow virgin to create completely customized solutions for  target audience.

In-return ,Virgin college representative will get chance to earn while learning& a certificates commending Virgin’s college representative performance during the period of time,Also the highest performer will get a chance to intern at Virgin Mobile India!

Also the vTurk will Enjoy the following benefits.

Virgin Mobile handsets + connections

Personalized visiting cards

Hip sling bag

Mobile holster/pouch

Fun badges

Yo-yo pack loaded with unlimited talking amongst friends (for a month).

Click Here to Register.

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