Virgin Mobile GPRS Tariff Hiked, Now 1GB (Earlier 4GB) for Rs 96

In the line of recent tariff hike on GPRS packs, Tata Teleservices has revised Virgin Mobile (GSM)’s 2G data packs. Now GPRS packs from Virgin Mobile India are just similar to Tata Docomo’s GPRS packs.

In our comments section we have seen several comments that suggest to use Virgin Mobile (earlier offering 4GB for Rs 96) instead of Tata Docomo (now 1GB for Rs 95). I guess Tata Docomo guys have seen it (of course they read it – TT Impact: Tata Docomo Revised T&C on GPRS Packs) and revised GPRS packs from Virgin Mobile.

Check out revised GPRS packs from Virgin Mobile GSM:

Virgin Mobile India GSM - GPRS Packs

Note that Tata Docomo charges 10p/10kB on post-bundled usage of these packs, while Virgin Mobile GSM charges 30p/50kB for the same.

Credit: Adil Ansari (Uttar Pradesh West)

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24 Comments on "Virgin Mobile GPRS Tariff Hiked, Now 1GB (Earlier 4GB) for Rs 96"


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May 6, 2014 9:13 pm 9:13 PM

Today recharge my VMI no. for ftt 150 rs.
Then activate 1.25GB @125 rs.
N vmi/tata providing all details:
Speed is best @ Aurangabad, Maharashtra.
This is reply I got about bal:

Bal is 2505.00 paisa Validity is 01-10-2014, GPRS Pool balance (KB) 1310720.00 Validity is 05-06-2014 Your current tariff is- , Loc Tata 60.0p/60.0s, STD 60.0p
/60.0s, Loc 60.0p/60.0s, STD Virgin 60.0p/60.0s, Loc Virgin 60.0p/60.0s, STD Tata 60.0p/60.0s, Loc Tata SMS50p, STD Tata SMS Rs1, STD SMS Rs1, Loc Virgin SMS50p
, STD Virgin SMS Rs1, Loc SMS50p, Internet 10p/10kb.

May 2, 2014 8:51 am 8:51 AM

Virgin mobile providing best internet experience to me . N voice clarity is too good . I am using its service since dec 2011. Getting 28KB-30KB : n rates are unchanged for last 1 year . 1.25GB @125rs = effectively 1GB @100rs 🙂 . N call rate 60p/min to all /local std landline : without any rate cutter 🙂 N no 40 min internet disconnection problem now 🙂

April 12, 2014 1:58 pm 1:58 PM

VMI : Virgin Mobile India: 2G Internet Packs : For Maharashtra, N Mumbai : rs/mb/days : 5/25/1 ; 14/100/3; 27/150/7; 55/400/15; 96/750/21; 125/1.25GB/30.