TT Impact: Tata Docomo Updates GPRS Packs T&C on Website

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Three days back, we reported about Tata Docomo's hilarious terms and conditions on its 2G GPRS packs as it was seen on its website. I asked @tatadocomo to clear my confusions on T&C but they told me to connect Tata Docomo's online chat representative.

However before I could make my time to connect online chat, Tata Docomo updates the revised T&C on the website.

Here goes the changes:

Earlier: #3. The packs are applicable on DOCOMOINTERNET APN only.

Now: #3. The above mentioned packs are applicable on all APN’s except Dongle.

Earlier: #9. Additional PDP charges may apply with some operators. PDP is an association between the Visited and Home Data network and is used for validation of the Data subscriber. This appears in the bill as charges against 0 Kb usages, which are billable.

Now: NO such terms and conditions

Earlier: #11. Data pool benefits will be applicable on Dive in browsing only.

Now: #10. Data pack pool benefits will be applicable on Dive in browsing also.

But Tata Docomo does not remove the T&C which states about restriction on tethering and also pushes that people should not use these plans on dongle.


These days Tata Docomo goes crazy, especially on the 2G data segment. After following the footsteps of Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, Tata Docomo hiked its 2G pack values several times. Not only that Tata Docomo reset internet connection in every 30-40 minutes i.e. your net connection will be disconneted in every 30-40 minutes.

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