Viatel Announces Major Network Upgrade to Meet Surging Demands

The upgrade includes enabling 100G connectivity in key cities, expanding international links, and adopting sustainable practices.


  • The upgrade includes 100G connectivity in Cork, Portlaoise, Drogheda, and Dundalk.
  • Three diverse 100G routes will strengthen international links with the UK and Amsterdam.
  • Sustainability is a priority, with optimized power usage for cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions.

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Viatel Announces Major Network Upgrade to Meet Surging Demands

Dublin-based technology company, Viatel Technology Group, has announced a major network enhancement and upgrade to future-proof crucial infrastructure, enabling the company to keep pace with the growing demands of its customer base.

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100G Enablement in Key Cities

According to the announcement, Viatel is set to enable 100G connectivity in the first phase of its major network upgrade. Cities such as Cork, Portlaoise, Drogheda, and Dundalk will benefit from the enhanced connectivity, with plans to extend the upgrade to more cities and towns in later phases.

Diverse 100G Routes

Viatel said it will expand its international presence through three distinct 100G routes connecting Dublin and Cork to the UK. The next phase will involve enabling 100G in Amsterdam.

According to Viatel, the upgrade represents a fivefold increase in capacity on select routes, cementing the connection between Viatel's three Dublin data centres while enhancing connectivity to cloud services like AWS and Azure, catering to the needs of the group's public cloud clientele.

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These works are being completed without any disruption to our current customers' services, said Viatel.

Optimizing Power Footprint

Taking a sustainable approach, Viatel said it leveraged the technology upgrade to optimise its power footprint, adopting more energy-efficient choices in line with the company's commitment to environmentally responsible practices and cost-effective solutions.

This network upgrade offers a host of benefits for existing and prospective customers. "Having this advanced technology in place, ready to deploy, we preserve the quick turnaround times that our customers value. For our multinational customers, the international links reaffirm Ireland as the ideal base for their operations. We are proud to partner with innovative organisations," said Viatel.

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Viatel's network upgrade emphasises its firm dedication to providing innovative services, solidifying its position in the areas of cloud computing, cybersecurity, communication, and digital transformation in Ireland.

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