Vaccidate !! A Free Alerting SerVice From Airtel

Vaccidate along with Airtel its now providing free alerting service about vaccination schedules for Airtel users .

Now parents can keep track of the vaccine dates of their new born in timely manner when you subscribe to Vaccidate alerting service you can set what kind of reminder you want to receive a e-mail alert or SMS or both the good things is that it all comes for free for Airtel users .To subscribe Visit and make use of this service.

Venkatesh V, CEO, Mobile Services, Bharti Airtel Ltd, Karnataka, said, “Every parent is responsible for his / her kids” immunization. In today’s fast paced world, it has become even more pertinent for parents, especially working couples, to keep track of their child’s vaccination dates. Recognizing this fact, Airtel is happy to launch VacciDate, a unique Vaccination Alert System to mark this Children’s Day. We do hope our customers make the most of this toll free service.”

The service alerts parents for five basic vaccinations and sends 2-4 alerts.

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