Now you can upload landscape and portrait images on Instagram

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How many times did you had to cut your amazing images or videos to fit into Instagram's square format? Didn't you wish that Instagram should allow uploading images with their original aspect ratio? Well, you can now upload landscape or portrait images on Instagram.

The company has announced through its official blog that they have started rolling out an important update to their apps. After installing the update, users will no longer be restricted to use the square format for uploading the images. The company stated that one in every five images posted on Instagram are not in the square format so the company decided to implement this feature.

After updating the app, users would need to hit the format icon to adjust the orientation of the image, and then the image will be showcased in the desired way in the feed. Even though it will be showcased in the square format to your followers, once they click on the image, the image will be shown in full-sized version.

Instagram has started responding to user feedbacks recently, and the company even announced last month that it will show higher resolution images (1080 x 1080 pixels). This move from Instagram is definitely a welcome change as users had to download additional apps to adjust their images in a square format.

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