Tusass Expands 5G FWA Services to Three More Greenlandic Cities

Greenland's Tusass extends its 5G Fixed Wireless Broadband (FWA) offerings to Nanortalik, Paamiut, and Qaqortoq, offering a range of high-speed subscription plans.


  • Tusass introduces 5G FWA services in key Greenlandic cities.
  • Collaboration between Tusass and Ericsson for wireless connectivity.
  • Continuous efforts to expand 5G coverage across Greenland.

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Tusass Expands High-Speed 5G FWA Network to Three More Cities in Greenland
Greenlandic operator Tusass announced on Monday that it has begun offering its fastest internet, 5G Fixed Wireless Broadband (FWA) services, in Nanortalik, Paamiut, and Qaqortoq. Tusass initially launched Greenland's fastest internet using 5G in November 2022.

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Tusass 5G FWA Expansion

At that time, Tusass announced the launch of its first subscriptions with 5G technology, offering speeds of 80 Mbps for downloads and 20 Mbps for uploads. Tusass has now revealed that it will introduce five new subscription plans in Nanortalik, Paamiut, and Qaqortoq.

Flexible Plans for Customers

Customers in these cities can choose from various options: The 40 Mbps/10 Mbps service, priced at DKK 899 monthly, the 20 Mbps/5 Mbps subscription, available for DKK 799, the 10 Mbps/2 Mbps service, which costs DKK 599, the 5 Mbps/1 Mbps subscription, priced at DKK 499 and the service with 80 Mbps downlink and 20 Mbps uplink, is available for DKK 1,099 per month.

However, Tusass announced that the plan for Nanortalik and Paamiut is 60 Mbps, as these are radio chain towns with limited capacity. Tusass aims to launch these subscriptions in at least seven other cities in 2023.

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Network Modernization

In September 2022, Tusass and Ericsson jointly announced an extensive collaboration for the shared vision of a wireless Greenland. Starting as a pilot in 2022, non-standalone (NSA) Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) 5G has been rolled out in Sisimiut, Maniitsoq, and Narsaq before being implemented in several other locations across the country. TelecomTalk reported on Tusass's developments in a timely manner.

Ericsson and Tusass' partnership began in 2017 with a comprehensive modernization of the mobile network, simultaneously introducing high-quality 4G services across all populated areas in Greenland. Now, Tusass is transitioning from 4G to 5G.

Ongoing Coverage Expansion

Tusass concluded by stating that currently, 60-70 percent of Qaqortoq city has access to 5G connections, with ongoing efforts to expand coverage.

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