Truecaller releases a smart dialer app ‘Truedialer’

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Truecaller is one of the most popular apps today. The developers behind it have a vision of changing the way we see our phonebooks and it looks like they are constantly working to improve our experience. The company has just launched a new app called the Truedialer which is a dialer app for smartphones.


It takes over from your regular dialer and gives you information about the contact you are calling such as profile photo, name (if it’s a number not on your list) and so on. It gives you access to relevant information about people you are about to call, and lets you save the information into your phonebook for later use too.

So the app works in a manner similar to the Trucaller. Every time you dial a number, it looks up in its database to give you access to the information about the number you are calling. Another nifty feature is that it fills up the missing contact information in your call log too. And if a number has been reported by the Truecaller community regarding being a spam or a scam number, you’ll be warned before you dial too.

The Truedialer seems to be pretty much as much functional as the Truecaller sibling. It is available for free for Android and Windows Phone 8.1.

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