TRAI to Telecos : Deliver Minimum Download speed to Customers for 80% Usage time

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2G...3G...4G... The technology naming conventions goes on. While Operators Marketing teams advertise the speeds of different technologies and come up with different campaigns promoting their respective Network speeds there were lot of Complaints from Customers about the QOS and the actual speeds they receive.

There might be many reasons for the bad speeds be it a fault from Operators end or for reasons from Customers end.

So, TRAI Authority after having discussions with TSP's and also keeping in view the interests of the Customers has issued Standards of Quality for Wireless Data Services (Amendment) Regulations mandating TSP's to

  1. Indicate in all Data Plans the minimum download speed available to customers and make sure to deliver the promised speed to customers for not less than 80% of the usage time.
  2. Print on all Wireless Data plan vouchers the minimum download speed available to customers, Publish the same on website and make these details available on all advertisements related to wireless data plans as measured according to the test methodology prescribed for each data plan.
  3. Make the details of minimum download speed  offered at the complaint centres and sales outlets of TSP's.

TRAI will also publish the results every quarter, the performance of TSP's as reported by TSP's against minimum download speeds for each data plan offered .The new regulation will come in force from August 23.

Seems like a sigh of relief for Data centric customers. Dear Readers what do you feel about the New Regulation from TRAI, Do you think you can rest assured of the promised speeds? Do let us know via comments if you are facing any peculiar QOS related Wireless Data problems.

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