Trai Revises Fixed International Terminal Charges to Re 0.65 per Minute

Trai has stated that they will closely monitor the development and pattern of International Long Distance voice traffic in India

By April 17th, 2020 AT 5:21 PM
  • Trai released 16th Amendment of Interconnect Usage Charge (IUC) regulations
  • ITC charge has been changed to the regime of Re 0.35 per minute to Re 0.65 per minute
  • Trai will closely analyse the trends in the telecommunication market

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has released the 16th amendment of the Interconnect Usage Charge (IUC) Regulations. Trai has changed the provisions and rate of the fixed International Termination Charges (ITC). ITC charge, which was earlier prescribed at Re 0.30 per minute, has been changed to the prescribed regime of Re 0.35 per minute to Re 0.65 per minute. Also, Trai has marked that Access providers will offer the non-discriminatory rate of ITC to everyone, which includes the associated International Long-Distance Operators (ILDO) and the standalone ILDOs.

Trai Discussed the Issues with Stakeholders

The regulatory body issued a Consultation Paper (CP) for the reviews on Interconnection Usage Charges on November 8, 2019, to discuss the issues with the stakeholders. Trai asked the stakeholders to submit their views and counter comments by December 9 and December 23, 2019. An open meeting session was also held in New Delhi to discuss the prospects the Interconnection Usage Charges. The regulatory body received multiple views from the stakeholders, and on the basis of it, Trai implemented the 16th amendment and kept the rate of ITC in range of Re 0.35 per minute to Re 0.65 per minute. The detail reason and objectives of the amendment are mentioned in the explanatory memorandum annexed to regulations.

Trai Will Review ITC on Frequent Basis

Trai has stated in the amendment that it will review the International Terminal Charge (ITC) on a frequent basis. Not only this, but the regulatory body will also monitor the pattern of International Long-Distance Voice traffic in India. Though Trai has been analysing the trends in telecommunication markets, Incoming and Outgoing ILD voice traffic. The IUC regulation regarding termination charge for the incoming international call was introduced on January 12, 2018. However, the regulation came in effect from February 01, 2018. In case if anyone wants to enquire about the new amendment, they can reach out to S.K. Singhal who is the advisor of BB and PA. Also, the complete details regarding the new amendment along with explanatory memorandum are available in the official website of Trai.

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