Trai Blockchain Technology Faces Legal Blockade From Telemarketers

Trai has successfully completed the first phase of DLT implementation on July 1, 2020, which included registration of entities in telco’s portal

By June 10th, 2020 AT 7:11 PM

The ambitious blockchain technology by Trai to stop the unwanted messages from unregistered telemarketers in the telecom sector is facing legal troubles as various registered telemarketers are protesting due to various conflict issues. As per the latest data of Trai, there are nearly 22,000 registered telemarketers in the country. As reported by ET Telecom, one of the telemarketers from the group, which is Venets Media have challenged Trai’s move on implementing the world’s largest blockchain technology in Delhi High Court. In response to the petition filed by Venets Media, High Court have asked Trai to respond on the matter till June 15, 2020.

Blockchain Technology is Harmful for Fair Trade and Competition

As stated in the petition filed by Venets Media, the company indicated that Trai’s blockchain technology is harmful for free, fair trade and competition in the market. Not only this, but the company also stated that Tanla Solutions which is an implementing partner of the DLT technology for telecom operators, is a telemarketer which is raising conflict of interest. However, software company Tanla Solutions noted that it has developed the platform in compliance with the TCCCPR 2018 and the company is a technology company. Also, the platform created by the company is offered to telecom operators and managed by them as well.

DLT Implementation is Expected to Finish by November

Arun Adlakha, who is the advocate for Venets Media, stated that there are 22,000 registered telemarketers in the country. It is expected that nearly 200 telemarketers will join the protest and battle. As per guidelines stated by Trai, the implementation of DLT technology will be completed in 10 phases which will include registration and verification of header, user content, preference and complaints. Also, Trai has successfully completed the first phase of DLT implementation on July 1, 2020. The first phase of DLT implementation included registration of telemarketers on all four telecom operators portal. Though Trai has not revealed the official date of the complete rollout of the DLT technology, it is expected that Trai will finish the entire DLT implementation by November.

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