Things To Be Taken Care Of While Trying An Online Recharge

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Things To Be Taken Care Of While Trying An Online RechargeOnline Recharge - The Service that makes many people to have a curve on their face while on the other side this word itself irritates some people leaving bad experiences.

Today we just wanted to share some tips for our beloved TT readers who are willing to try an online recharge as well as for those who are facing problems while making payment through Online Gateway, credit or Debit cards as we have received many Comments and Problems in our previous reviews on Online Recharge Portals.

First of all Why an Online Recharge?

1.The first and the foremost thing is convenience-Anytime Any Where.

2.The next is Time saving, we can sit and do it just at our place-Home or office, some services even support recharge through a Mobile Application and Payment.

3.Some Operators may provide special Talk Time and Offers if an Online Recharge is done through their site.

Which Operators are providing an online Recharge Service?

Starting from Government owned Network BSNL almost all Operators are providing online Recharge facilities except Uninor. But we are sure that very soon Uninor also comes up with an Online Recharge Portal. But each operator differs in their service and style of providing the service. These Online Recharge service provided by the respective operators are a free service while some Online Recharge portals charge a minimal fees for the service. This depends on your selection.

Things you should be taken care of before trying an Online Recharge.

1.Never ever try Online Recharges for the first time with High Recharge Values, if anything goes wrong you will be messed up again so have a trail recharge with lesser amounts available.

2.Even though all the Browsers support secure payment Gateway always use Internet Explorer (mostly preferred) and the next preferred is Mozilla Firefox followed by Opera because there needed some redirection and scripts that need action between web pages from payment gateway to recharge portal redirection which the latest or beta browsers have no enhanced support inbuilt.

3.Always use an Antivirus/Spyware program and ensure that your system is Virus/spyware free before you make any online payment, also make sure that there are no active Key loggers in your system because they may track the username and passwords which you keystroke into the portal.

4) Never dare to try any online Recharge on Public or Share computers unless you take the whole responsibility and aware of the circumstances.

5) Never Press F5 or Refresh your page while you are in the middle of a transaction, this makes your entire transaction which is a pipelined process to go wrong or fail.

6) Be sure to check if the connection is secure or not by observing the address link (usually a lock symbol) else you may be landed on a phishing page.

7) Ensure that you have a good Working Internet Connectivity at the time of recharge, sometimes you can feel your ISP is be down with slow page loading experiences, avoid recharges during those times.

8 ) Always note down the transaction details, so that they come in handy in case of failed transactions.

9) And the last thing is proceed only if everything is under your control.

Just some more points:

No Online recharge Service provider or portal will cheat their “Valuable Customers” with failed recharge transactions wantedly because there is no individual who is sitting at the system and processing your Recharge Payment Requests 24X7 and decide to make your Recharges successful or fail.

It’s all a Computer operated process that does automatically from the website side, but there will be human people who give support for your failed transactions. So, leave the belief that it is the website cheating customers. We have used many Online Recharge Portals and now once again our experience confirms that No System is neither 100% Perfect nor bad. It depends on the steps and measures you follow. Also everything should be good from the payment side too for you recharge to be successful.

If there is any failed transaction (Power failure or any other problem with payment) there will an alternate backup channel both from the bank side as well as from the Website’s side so that they get information regarding the failed transactions separately.

This process usually takes about 3-7 days as the backup channel data is not always available with the Recharge Portal. They take this data in failed groups and this takes time. Also for the Refund of your money even though the Recharge portal reverts the amount within 3-4 days it takes time for your bank to give a statement for the refund as all the refunds will have another channel working for them.

And we are sorry to say that under some worst situations in very rare cases during payment redirection when the communication between the Portal and your payment bank is lost after payment is made, your recharge data will not be recorded and you have no proof of Recharge but amount will be deducted from your bank though amount is not transferred to recharge portal.

In those cases please contact your bank support and explain them the situation they may consider the situation some times and revert your amount back. There are even some worst situations where there is no data at all for the failed transactions and even the support cannot help you out, this occurs very rarely.

We decided to make such a long post on this Topic because it deserves your attention and understanding “After all it is that service and support that brings fame to any Service provided".

Hope you follow the tips we shared and make things easier as sharing is caring, we care for our readers. Make best use of the services provided by the operators for free –Happy Online Recharging!

Now we ask you which is the best online recharge portal do let us know via comments .

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