Telstra, Starlink to Bring High-Speed Satellite Connectivity to Remote Areas in Australia

Collaboration to deliver voice and broadband services via Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity to reach Remote Areas in Australia.


  • Telstra partners with Starlink to provide voice and fixed broadband services in remote areas of Australia.
  • Services expected to be available by the end of 2023, with pricing details and plan options to be revealed.
  • Telstra's ongoing testing of Starlink's service and development of a dedicated modem for seamless integration.

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Telstra, Starlink to Bring High-Speed Satellite Connectivity to Remote Areas in Australia

Telstra has announced a partnership with Starlink to address the unique connectivity challenges Australians living in remote regions face. The collaboration aims to deliver Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity, offering voice and fixed broadband services to areas that are hard to reach using traditional terrestrial networks.

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World-First Offering: Bundled Services

Telstra says the partnership with Starlink marks a world-first offering, as Telstra plans to provide a bundle offer that includes home phone service and Starlink broadband services to customers in remote areas. Additionally, Telstra will offer local tech support and the option of professional installation to ensure a seamless user experience.

Enhanced Connectivity for Businesses

The agreement between Telstra and Starlink also extends to business customers, who will have access to a higher bandwidth business option in areas where fixed and mobile connectivity is limited. This business offer will be available for purchase both locally and in select countries overseas, providing enterprises with reliable and high-speed connectivity solutions.

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Unique Australian Landscape and Challenges

Telstra said Australia is a vast country with over 7.6 million square kilometres of land and a population of 26 million, which is spread out. This presents a challenge in ensuring everyone is connected, resulting in some people having lower-quality connections compared to those in more urban areas.

Rollout and Pricing Details

Telstra expects to roll out these services to customers and businesses by the end of 2023. At that time, the company will reveal pricing details, plan options, and provide information on how basic voice calls will work with the accompanying modem.

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Overcoming Distance and Terrain Challenges

Telstra says it currently employs a mix of technologies, including nbn fixed broadband, mobile networks, and older copper and radio networks, to deliver voice and broadband services in rural and remote Australia. However, the addition of Starlink's LEO satellite connectivity will provide an additional option to overcome the challenges posed by distance and terrain in these areas.

The Advantages of LEO Satellites

LEO satellites have the advantage of being much closer to Earth compared to geostationary satellites, resulting in faster signal transmission and reduced latency. This makes LEO satellites an ideal choice for services that require low latency, such as voice and video calls. Moreover, the download speeds and overall user experience provided by LEO satellite connectivity are expected to surpass those of copper-based ADSL, catering to modern connectivity needs.

Optimizing Services for Australian Households

Telstra's team has been rigorously testing Starlink's service in the field to optimize its offerings for Australian households. They have also developed a dedicated modem to support seamless integration with Starlink connectivity. Telstra says it eagerly looks forward to unveiling these developments and products later in the year.

By partnering with Starlink, Telstra aims to bridge the digital divide and improve connectivity for all Australians, regardless of location.

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