Telenor Bulgaria Plans to Rollout 5G Network in Summer

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The largest mobile network in Bulgaria, Telenor Bulgaria, has been working extensively to launch 5G services in the region to offer high-speed internet to the users. The spectrum auctions in Bulgaria were delayed for a prolonged period. However, recently the country witnessed the 3.6GHz spectrum auction. The telecom giant has now released information saying that it has marked June 10 as the final date for the roll-out of the commercial nationwide launch of 5G services. The 5G footprint across the region will cater to the different internet needs of users ranging from gaming to video streaming and more. Also, the use of the 5G service will open the door of innovation in multiple industries.

Telenor Bulgaria Will Cover Major Provinces by Summer

Telenor Bulgaria aims to increase the 5G footprint in the region in a short period. As reported by Developing Telecoms, the telecom operator aims to roll out 5G services across all the major cities in Bulgaria. Not only this, but 5G will also be available in the main seaside resorts of the country, hoping to provide high-speed internet speed to visitors. The telco is working hard to expand the 5G network in the region and add new cities and locations. As quoted by a website that goes by the name of SeeNews, Telenor is set to become the market leader in terms of 5G network coverage by the middle of 2022.

Telenor Bulgaria 5G Rollout Speed is Impeccable

The telecom operator has been getting praises for the quick and efficient rollout of the 5G network in the region. As Bulgaria’s Communication Regulation Commission (CRC) awarded the 20-year 5G frequency licences with additional national coverage to the three main telecommunications companies, Telenor Bulgaria tapped the opportunity and started rolling out the 5G network.

Telenor Bulgaria Secured Frequency in the 3.6Ghz Spectrum Band

Tracing back to the 5G spectrum auction, which was finished in a single day, the auction nearly witnessed some $8.1 million for the state. Along with Telenor Bulgaria, other telecom operators, including Vivacom and A1, were part of the seven rounds and secured frequency spectrum in the 3.6GHz band.

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