Telegram for Android and iOS Receives Replace Media and Mark as Unread Features

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Telegram has released a new update for both its Android and iOS versions. Telegram for Android has been updated to version 4.8.10, while the iOS version gets bumped to 4.8.3. And the latest update brings in a ton of new features such as replace media and add captions, 2x playback support for voice and video messages, mark as read or unread and share contacts with multiple numbers at one go. For Android users, the same version adds the ability to preview chats and create links option in the formatting menu to make text URLs.


Firstly, Telegram has added the ability to replace media and add a caption to the image. For example, you've sent a wrong image by accident, and on Telegram, it's already possible to delete the message for everyone and send a new one instead. However, now users can just replace photos or videos with the correct versions right away. Here's how you can do that: start editing the messages, then tap on the attach button to replace the media. Furthermore, users can also add captions to photos or videos for the edited ones.

Next on the list, we have the double time playback for voice and video messages. With this feature, users can switch to 2x playback mode for a voice or video message received to save the time. Finally, Telegram has added the 'Mark as Read or Unread' chats functionality to the platform. This feature offers a quick way to get less important messages out of the way and highlight the chats that require your future attention.

Also with the latest version of iOS and Android, it's possible to select what data you want to send when sharing a contact. Users can check out this feature by sharing a contact that has multiple fields with data. Lastly for both Android and iOS users, when you open a chat from the Global Search and then go back, now the app will take you to the search results, instead of the home screen of the app.

These are the features added to both iOS and Android versions today. For Android users, there are a few more features added by Telegram. The first one is the ability to preview chats: Tap and hold on profile pictures in the chats list to preview chats. Users can also create links by using the new “create link” option in the formatting menu to make text URLs. Lastly, in Telegram, it's now possible to cancel sending messages before they are sent.

These are the new features rolled out to Telegram today. Update the application on your respective app stores to get the new features right away.

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