Team Telecom Brings NGN to Over 21,000 Premises in Syunik, Armenia

Team Telecom Armenia has completed its NGN network rollout across major cities in the Syunik region, connecting around 21,000 households to the high-speed internet infrastructure.


  • 25G-PON NGN network offers speeds up to 25 Gbps.
  • Operational coverage in Syunik and various cities across Armenia.
  • Part of a wider network expansion across Armenia.

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Team Telecom Brings NGN to Over 21,000 Premises in Syunik, Armenia
Team Telecom Armenia announced this week that it has expanded the reach of its 25G-PON Next Generation Network (NGN) to all major cities in the Syunik region, making it available to approximately 21,000 households in the area. The company said the high-speed internet network has been fully constructed and is now accessible to users in the region.

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NGN Construction

In a press release, the company emphasised its commitment to community development by initiating infrastructure modernisation, including NGN construction, directly from the regions - which is a first. This infrastructure is expected to catalyse the growth of technological, financial, banking, and other sectors of the economy, providing individuals with fast and reliable connectivity to the world.

"While implementing each project, we don't focus on its immediate impact but rather on how long the results of that project can serve our compatriots and contribute to our country's overall benefit. Completing the construction of this modern infrastructure in Syunik marz was a significant and symbolic step for us," said Team Telecom Armenia.

Network Coverage

Recognising the importance of educational opportunities for the region's youth, Team Telecom Armenia highlighted that it has extended the new generation internet to the newly opened Loft youth center in Meghri.

The company specified that the NGN Network, boasting a capacity of up to 25 Gbps, is now operational in the cities of Kapan, Sisian, Goris, Kajaran, Meghri, and Agarak in Syunik marz. Furthermore, the network is already operational in various cities and villages across Armenia, including Alaverdi, Artik, Armavir, Artashat, Berd, Byureghavan, Gavar, Yeghvard, Ijevan, Hrazdan, Chambarak, Metsamor, Jermuk, Sevan, Spitak, and Vardenis regions. In Yerevan, it is available in the Davtashen, Arabkir, Avan, and Zeytun administrative districts.

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Team Telecom Armenia

Team Telecom Armenia assured customers that they can experience internet speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, along with Digital TV, fixed and mobile communication, by subscribing to Cosmo tariff plans.

Providing a range of services, including mobile and fixed internet, digital television, and mobile and fixed telephony, Team Telecom Armenia has been operating in Armenia. Since 2021, the company has been actively building its Next Generation Network (NGN) with 25 Gbps speed 25G-PON technology in the region.

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