Tata Sky Binge or Amazon Fire TV Stick at Rs 2,799: Which One is an Ideal Choice

Tata Sky Binge comes with a special edition of Amazon Fire TV Stick, but what if the subscribers were to buy the Stick separately on a discount? Read ahead to find more

  • The Amazon Fire TV Stick is currently selling for Rs 2,799 in the Great Indian Festival sale
  • The Tata Sky Binge costs Rs 249 per month for the subscribers

Lately, there has been a lot of chatter about DTH operators. But, the irony is that the DTH operators are in the headlines these days not because of their DTH services, but because of the over-the-top offerings which they are shipping. And why not, because OTT seems to be the latest trend in the industry and every company wants to capitalise on the opportunity. As such, the subscribers want a service which would get them both the satellite TV channels and the OTT content as well. Tata Sky has introduced its Binge service to accomplish precisely that and to avail OTT content on the TV screen for the subscribers. We have talked about Tata Sky Binge a lot and how it is a uniquely attractive offering for the subscribers interested in it. But, today we are going to be shedding some light on it from a different angle.

Tata Sky Binge: What Does it Accomplish?

If you have looked into Tata Sky Binge, then you know that it gets the subscribers a special Tata Sky edition of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Now, the good thing about the Tata Sky Binge service is that it comes with a monthly subscription fee and the cost of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is included in its. So, the subscribers of the service only have to pay Rs 249 per month, and they get the Amazon Fire TV Stick for their usage along with the subscription services. However, there is also the other way of getting an Amazon Fire TV Stick separately for your TV so that you can access OTT content on the big screen. The attraction is even more since the Amazon Fire TV Stick is currently on a discount of up to Rs 1,200.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Selling Separately for Rs 2,799

It is worth noting that the Amazon Fire TV Stick retails for Rs 3,999 on a usual day, but given the Great Indian Festival Sale, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is available for Rs 2,799. Buying this Stick would mean that you would have its complete ownership, but on the other hand, getting the Tata Sky Binge subscription would mean that at the end of the subscription, the Amazon Fire TV Stick would be taken away from you. There is also the fact to consider that the Tata Sky Binge includes a bunch of subscription services in the cost too. So, what exactly would be the right choice between the two?

Why Could Tata Sky Binge be a Wise Choice?

To actually understand which one would be a better deal, you would have to look beyond the costs of the Amazon Fire TV Stick and see what else the Tata Sky Binge service offers more and that is the subscription to various OTT websites. If you were to get an Amazon Fire TV Stick separately for Rs 2,799 then you would have to spend approximately Rs 299 per month on Hotstar or Rs 999 annually, Rs 99 per month for ZEE5, Hungama Play for Rs 99 per month and Rs 50 per month for Sun NXT. Not only this, the subscribers of Tata Sky Binge also get free access to Amazon Prime for three months and all of this in just Rs 249 per month.

So, if you were to get a separate Amazon Fire TV Stick, then there would be a lot of subscription services that you would have to buy separately. But with the Tata Sky Binge service, you simply have to pay a single subscription amount which covers every cost. Hence, we would recommend that if the ownership of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is not a bother for you and you can return the Amazon Fire TV Stick after your stint with it, then the Tata Sky Binge is a much better choice.

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Binge is not good choice as its asking Rs 249 + 153 = 402 per month. No option to go with only Binge service, you need to have an active DTH connection. EROs and Hungama are pathetic app, even with 20Mbps, you can’t even watch HD content, it keeps on loading… So one has to pay 402*12 = 4824 per year for old firestick and only hotstar subscription.


Yes, doesn’t look like the reviewer has actually used the TataSky Binge personally. As reviewer has talked a lot about Pros, here are the Cons (which are absolutely hidden from their advertisements, terms and conditions) for people thinking of buying Binge : 1. Fire TV Stick is 1st generation. Specs wise no difference however, the remote doesn’t have volume control and mute buttons 2. As Ramesh mentioned, you need to have an active Tata Sky connection to keep enjoying Binge (absolutely logic less move) so keep paying for DTH as well as Binge subcription 3. Whatever channels are subscribed under… Read more »


Zee5 is not a part of Tatasky Binge service ! EROS , Hungama , Hotstar SUN Nxt ,Voot only


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