Tata Teleservices Coming Back to Market With a New Goal

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Tata Teleservices

Tata Teleservices is making a comeback in the Indian market. The telecom operator went out of business when Reliance Jio came to the market, and the eventual tariff war broke out. Tatas then signed a pact that transferred the consumer mobile business to Bharti Airtel, excluding the transfer of debt.

According to an ET Telecom report, Tata Teleservices is making a comeback in the Indian market with a new name and a new goal. Tata Sons is reviving the company and rebranding it as Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), which will focus on helping the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of the country.

TTBS Launches Smartflo

TTBS has already launched a product called ‘Smartflo’. It is a cloud-hosted communications platform built specifically to cater to the needs of SMEs. The platform stands to benefit the people who have a hybrid work culture wherein they work from home and other remote locations.

Smartflo is a very simple platform that users can access through both desktops and smartphones. TTBS will offer users call monitoring, intelligent call routing, and a dashboard to check all the outbound and inbound calls to the business. The service from TTBS will stand to benefit businesses that deal with a large number of customers/people on a daily.

The revamped entity will be headed by Harjit Singh Chauhan, president of the enterprise business at Tata Teleservices. TTBS is further looking at the 5G space to grow its business. The 5G space will be very crucial for the enterprise segment since that is where all big money will be.

TTBS can leverage the arrival of 5G in India as an opportunity to offer services to both telecom operators and SMEs and grow its business multiple folds.

For the unaware, Tata Sons had made provisions worth Rs 16,439 crore in 2020 for its unsuccessful telecom business Tata Teleservices. The total amount written off by Tata Sons had reached around Rs 60,000 crore after the provisions in 2020.

The company’s comeback is with the right mindset since it is targeting a market where it can add a lot of value. SMEs today need connectivity and as much help as possible to scale their business digitally, and this is where TTBS can help them out.

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