Tata Sky Connection Will Become More Attractive After New Trai DTH Rules

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Whenever it comes to choosing DTH operators, the choices boil down to a few names in the industry. Some popular names in the industry right now include Tata Sky, Dish TV and others namely. Out of all these DTH operators, Tata Sky has enjoyed slightly more attention in the past days, and it is also the reason why Tata Sky happens to be the top DTH operator in the country right now. But, it also begs the question then, after the implementation of the new DTH rules in the country, will this remain the same? The new rules that we are talking about will be implemented on March 1, and they will bring some massive changes to how the DTH industry and the broadcasting industry prices its services. We have reasons to believe that these new rules will make the Tata Sky DTH connection, even more attractive. Read ahead to find out why we are saying so.


New Channel Packs Selection

Currently, Tata Sky is offering lots of channel packs to subscribers. These packs include many multi-genre bouquets, channel packs based on pricing, genre and other parameters. However, the new rules which Trai will bring in the coming days will change how these channel packs are made. Right now, there might be a lot of channel packs in the Tata Sky roster which have channels priced at Rs 19, It is worth noting that some of the most popular channels available to the audiences are priced at Rs 19. This will no longer be the case after the new rules.

The maximum pricing of a channel for it to be included in a channel pack has to be Rs 12, which means that no channel can have a price of more than Rs 12 if it is to be included in a bouquet. This would lead to cheaper bouquets, and the subscribers are likely to find cheaper options for a lot of channel packs.

Multi TV Subscribers Will Enjoy Better Prices

The subscribers of Tata Sky who have got two connections under the same name are considered multi TV subscribers of Tata Sky. Right now, these people have to pay separately for the two connections. But, as per the new National Tariff Order 2.0 set to come on March 1, by Trai, the multi TV subscribers will not pay more than 40% NCF on the second connection. This will be great news for Tata Sky Multi TV subscribers as they were paying double the amount till now. But, with the new rules, the pricing of the second connection and its NCF will come down by 60%.

Network Capacity Fees Benefit

There is another change in the new rules which will make sure that not only Tata Sky connection, but DTH connections will become cheaper and these are the NCF rules. As per the present rules, the subscribers are enjoying 100 SD channels in Rs 130, which is the base NCF. Out of these 100 channels, 25 channels are occupied by the Doordarshan channel. But, with the new rules, the subscribers would enjoy 200 channels for the same base price of Rs 130. Not only this, but the occupying of Doordarshan channels is also not in place, which means that the subscribers would get access to all the 200 channels.

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