Tata Docomo launches Smartcar Security Solution

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Tata Docomo has launched its Smartcar Security Solution services. The Tata DOCOMO SmartCar solution allows you to be posted about your car safety through mobile SMS. It prevents your car from theft and also prevents it from being misused when it is someone else’s hand. It sends you over speeding alerts when you are not in the car and someone else is using it. Here’s a complete list of the features:

tata docomo

  • Geo-lock the car – Get an instant alert if it moves away from the designated geography.
  • Undue stoppage alert – Get alerts when the car stops for more than a defined duration.
  • Over Speed alert – Get alerts when the car crosses the defined speed limit.
  • Route replay – Replay the route on map which you might have taken on a particular day.
  • Reports on distance travelled, stoppages, over-speeding, route deviation, geo-fencing.
  • Places of Interest – Get details of Car Workshop, Police station, Hospital, ATM, Tata Stores, Petrol Pump, Food joint & Cinema Theater on your mobile for the mentioned POI within 5 kms of the GPS location of the SmartCar Device.
  • Ignition Alert – Alert whenever your engine switched on.

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